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    Nov 14, 2009
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    How can I clone my wii memory card? I've searched for two days for a solution [​IMG] on this and have come up empty, so decided to post and hope for some assistance....

    I currently have 2GB (Standard SD) card with WiiWare/RB2 DLC/Gamesave on it. I have no issues while using this card.

    I have followed the guides here and have installed HBC with other apps etc.., have a USB HD [250GB (220GB formated WBFS, 30GB FAT32)], backed up all my owned discs and it works perfectly!

    I'm still reading up on NAND Emulation from the USB HD for the WiiWare, so I have yet to make that jump...

    So, in the meantime, I purchased an 8GB SDHC that I'd like to move ONLY the Wiiware/Gamesaves on it (although like everyone else, I'd like to have the RB2 DLC on it, not yet possibly)

    Or is there a method to copy only the RB2 DLC to a different card... Either way, I'd like to seperate my Wiiware & RB2 DLC to seperate cards, and even backup my card to save time down the line in case of a failure...

    What method would I use to accomplish this?

    I have attempted to just copy the entire contents of the 2GB to the 8GB SDHC and whenever I insert the 8GB SDHC card, it freezes the Wii when loading the screens (it starts off looking as it's loading the contents, showing about 3 of the 'channel's, and then freezes the console, forcing a reboot.[​IMG]

    Any thoughts or ideas on this?