Which folder do you put your save files in Lameboy

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Jakob95, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Ok I have Lameboy and I put the Lameboy into my Emulators folder in my Micro SD. So I want to know what folder do I have to put the .SAV file for a game into. Like my Pokemon Yellow is in the folder from my root of my card named Gamboy Color Games. And I want to know were can I put my .Sav file since I played the Pokemon Yellow before on a Emulator for computer and have the .SAV and now want to put it on my DS. Though I don't know in what folder are the SAV Files subbosed to be for the Gameboy Color games.

    Also what is a TMF file and GBS File.
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    Jakob, put the .sav file in the same folder as your ROM. Make sure they're identically named as well and you shouldn't have any problems. In this case, you would put it in "Gamboy Color Games" [sic].

    As for TMF files and GBS files, I got no clue. Which of those files do you have and what are their filenames?
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    Put the *.sav file in the same folder as your rom, named the same as the rom.

    GBS files are Game Boy audio rips, very much like an NSF file (NES) or SPC file (SNES). You can either use a tool to turn it into an executable *.gb file playable in Lameboy or play it back in a media player that supports it (Winamp plugin, etc). No clue about TMF files.