Where on Earth could the other franchises represented in Smash take place (based on Super Mario Odys

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    It's all speculation and none of this can be canon, but I would like to have some fun placing locations from other Nintendo franchises, plus 3rd-party ones on a Super Mario map (depicted below). At least I'm looking to see the franchises with playable characters (as of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including current and future DLC) pop up somewhere on this map (excluding Mario characters that already appear in Mario Odyssey itself: Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Piranha Plant). I would love it if was possible for Mario and Cappy to travel to even more places than what is allowed in the original game!


    Image info (full version found there): https://tcrf.net/File:Super-Mario-Odyssey-Globe1-Used.png

    When coming up with proposals, keep these tips in mind:
    • Use the map depicted above, not the ones depicting the real world.
    • Indicate which franchise(s) will have locations represented on the map.
    • Try to avoid setting up locations where existing kingdoms from Mario Odyssey are located at, unless a location would fit within the setting of one of the existing kingdoms.
    • Instead, use any of the unoccupied space on that map, whether on land, on water, or even underwater. If necessary on the waters, create new landmasses.
    • Either describe where a location would be, or even better, take this map, edit it with whatever locations can fit, and post the modified map. Multiple locations can be set up, as long as they all fit.
    I look forward to seeing what other people interpret of the depicted map above!
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    Between a Rock and a Hard Place for now
    Ever since seeing an Advance Wars Character in the Spirit Cards.. in Smash Switch, I have hope that Nintendo hasn't fully abandoned the series... yet.
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