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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Nautilart, Feb 20, 2009.

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    i bought a second wii a was taking my time with soft modding it. Well i was on 3.3 and installed wad one and two from softmii, then went to the store and procured some of my prescribed medicine then returned and completely in my bakeage forgot to ios downgrader i simply used anyregion then used cios corp!
    Didn't realize it then i though hey that wasn't right. Now i wanna do it right My question would be is it safe to just go back to step one or should i do anything special dont wanna break it but i wanna fix it
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    I initially only had cioscorp and preloader installed and when I upgraded to softmii 1.0 I started at step one of the tut and had no problem. I'm sure you'll just be overwriting everything that's already installed anyway but you may want to wait for someone else to confirm this.
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    You're fine. Going back would just over write cIOSCORP , then you'd just go back and reinstall it.

    IOS Downgrader downgrades IOSes to versions that have the trucha bug. If you were able to install cIOSCORP you didn't need it.
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    You actually don't need to run IOS downgrader if you already have CIOScorp installed...!! [​IMG]