Want to start Smash 4 modding

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hi guys,

    Since recently its possible to mod smash 4 on the latest firmware, I wanted to change some moves for some fun ;)
    I just want to make clear what I need before actually starting.

    I already managed to install some music mods so I guess putting the changed files for the moveset works the same way, similar like saltySD for 3ds modding.
    Do I need an EU Smash 4 v1.1.5 iso(or however it is called ^^), or a EU vanilla version + the 1.1.5 update files and merge them? ( also where is a good tutorial for extracting WiiU iso's XD)

    For moveset changes Sm4sh Command is fine just like for 3ds I guess.

    Hope someone can help me a bit because I never did any wiiu related stuff.