Hacking Updating form arm9 to b9. But we can't update Luma from 6.6 to 7.0.5. Please help!


Sep 20, 2017
Hey guys, I need your help.
Last time I asked a question here, I had a similar problem with my 2DS and you helped a lot!
So I have hope that you may know a solution to this issue as well :)

I am currently helping a friend to update from arm9lh to b9s (He is using a NEW3ds). We are using the guide 3dsguide provides.
But we have exactly the same problem I had, when I did this step.

He is currently only on Luma 6.6 and with this he isn't able to enter into the Chainloader. The latest Luma, which supported arm9lh was 7.0.5 I believe.
The guide even tells us to place the arm9loaderhax.bin from this Version to the root of his SD. But we still end up in Luma 6.6. What are we doing wrong?

We replaced the old arm9loaderhax.bin of Luma 6.6 on the root and in CTR nand with the new arm9loaderhax.bin that came with Luma 7.0.5. He doesnt even end up in the configuration menu of Luma,
when he holds select while booting and the Luma Updater always tells us, that he is currently on Version 6.6 with the latest update being 8.1.

any guesses why this might be the case? can we reinstall luma?

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