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    I have been using both Tubehax DNS and Modem/Router site blocking for my Wii U, but have been having issues with site blocking as it seems to be blocking some sites that I didn't intend to block. My question is, is it safe to use just Tubehax DNS since I am having issues with site blocking through my Modem/Router? Thoughts and help greatly appreciated :)

    Update: I am unable to play Mario Maker now... When I try to launch game, it says checking for update, then preparing update, then says unable to update and only button on-screen goes back to Wii U menu... Not sure what to do... :(
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  2. CreeperMario

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    In order to fix that, you will need to remove all of your DNS blocks, quickly update Mario Maker and then re-enable your blocks.
    If you aren't on 5.5.1, you can use NNU-Patcher to unblock the eShop and update Mario Maker, but for some reason, in 5.5.1 disc updates don't work in NNU-Patcher.
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