Hacking Understanding My R4 Original Firmware


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Mar 13, 2011
United States
Let me get right too it. I bought an R4 a long time ago off the following website which no longer exists "http://www.r4deluxe.com/en/"

Since then I have learned that the original firmware is quite difficult to find/understand because I found out that my card i guess is a R4 clone? I currently use Retro's updates to play anything and am in need to update my firmware to play a lot of older things i believe. The firmware on the base system is a v1.2 if that helps? My R4 does take HC cards. I am just trying to understand what to put as the base firmware to launch the latest Multicard update from retro and play older games that work for NO$GBA_2.6a on my PC but not for my R4? I am trying to get running an old bleach game; http://gbatemp.net//newgon/?dat=nds

Works for the NO$GBA_2.6a but not for my original firmware v1.2 with the latest retro multicard R4 clone v6.79

Please help me as to my next step to solve this problem and still keep my current games playable!?

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