[Tutorial] Importing and Exporting VC DS Saves (testing needed)

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    Importing and Exporting DS Saves from VC

    What this Tutorial is for:
    Importing and exporting saves from the DS VC from or to .sav files.
    .sav are used by most emulators and flashcards.

    Importing saves to the VC
    1. Start the VC game and save it
    2. On your PC, go to the save folder of the VC (ex. SD:\wiiu\saves\DS VC\80000001)
    3. Delete all .state files in there
    4. You now should have a .save file there. Note down its name and delete it.
    5. Take your .sav you want to inject, rename it to the name of the .save (extension included!)
    6. Once you boot the game, your save should be there.

    Exporting saves from the VC
    1. On your PC, go to the save folder of the VC (ex. SD:\wiiu\saves\DS VC\80000001)
    2. Copy the .save and rename it if you want
    3. Change the extension of the copy from .save to .sav.

    As already in the title, this needs testing.

    Please answer to this thread telling me if it worked or not!
    Games tested
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    Can you elaborate more?
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    Tested this out with Tomodachi Collection(Legit JAP ONLY cart for NDS), and it works.

    The DS VC was the fan-made English version(patched from v1.1), and copied that save directly to the cart(which was a v1.0 copy). Strange how that was compatible. Never knew I could use a later version's release in an older version. Not certain for other titles, but this one was what I used. And yes, I saved a back-up of my original save before transferring the Wii U version directly to the NDS cart via TWLSaveTool...incase of a technical hiccup. Thankfully, it worked.