[Tutorial] How to transfer Savegames between different Headers

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    Hey Guys.
    Here is a little Guide for transfering Savegames between Roms with different Headers.
    The savegame is bound to the rom it was created with via th header. So if you want to use a savegame of friend or want to change headers e.g. from a public header to a private one
    the savegame also has to be reassigned to the new header.
    (.3ds → .3dz, .3dz with a public Header → .3dz with a private Header)

    You need:

    - Gateway Rom Patcher
    - Gateway (tested with 3.1.1 on a New3DS)
    - SaveDataFiler
    - Your Game Rom
    - Your Source Header (optional)
    - Your Target Header
    - A working Savegame
    - A PC/MAC

    Remember to always make Backups of your Savegames!

    Savegame example: Super Mario 3D Land (0004000000053F00) > http://3ds.essh.co/

    1. Connect the 3DS SD Card to your PC
    2. Backup your Savegame first. It is usually named GameID.sav
    3. Change the name of GameID.sav on your internal SD Card to 000400000FF40A00.sav
    4. Enter Emunand
    5. Mount the Rom with the Source Header
    6. Start SaveDataFiler and highlight CTR Card (CTR Card won't be shown as broken if the .sav and Rom have an identical Header)
    7. Press Y and then A to export the Savegame

    SaveDataFiler stores your saves in SDCARD:\filer\UserSaveData\20150131010203\0000053f

    8. Connect the Gateway SD Card to your PC and change the Header of your Rom to your desired Header for example with Gateway Rom Patcher.
    9. Put the Gateway SD Card back into Your Gateway
    10. Put the Internal SD CARD in your PC
    11. Delete 000400000FF40A00.sav and <GameID>.sav if it you have it
    12. Start your 3DS and enter Emunand
    15. Mount your Rom and start SaveDataFiler

    The CTR Card will be shown as broken, but don't worry it doesn't matter.

    16. Switch over to SD and highlight TitleID low
    17. Press L + A and then A to create a savegame of your monted rom named 000400000FF40A00.sav
    18. Put the internal SD Card in your PC again and rename the newly created 000400000FF40A00.sav to <GameID>.sav and put the internal SD Card back into your 3DS
    19. Start the Game
    20. And as always enjoy

    Credit goes to liomajor for his guide „How to export/import Gateway Card1 .sav to eShop/3ds/3dz with SaveDataFiler“ With his Guide i found out how to transfer saves from one header to another.
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    Can you explain it on german aswell? Cant figure out how to get my savegame back since I had to change the headers sadly!

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    Now finally i found a guide for the savegames. Thanks for that.

    But i have one question and i hope you can answer it although the thread is from 2015:

    For the Guide i need an source Header and a target Header. So if i got it right the Target Header is my privat header right?
    But what's the source header?
    Because many games out there on special sites have the header removed or nulled and i thought you just have to add your private header and your good.

    Or is that for example when i get a savegame from a friend or download one from the internet and have to patch in my own header so i can use his Savegame?

    Sorry if thats asked before in the forum but i'm little confused at the moment.

    EDIT: Do i have to do all this for moving a Savegame from a .cia to the Gateway Card? Because if i know it right, installed .cia Games doesn't have a header.
    So is there also a tutorial for this or can i simly use JKSM for that?
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    Source header is whatever header the save file was used with originally (if the save is already in extracted format then it doesn't matter), so if you want to use a .sav from a friend you have to use his header, or get him to dump the save with JKSM or similar which doesn't require that.

    Moving a save from .cia to GW still requires renaming the 000400000FF40A00.sav to gameID.sav after importing, other than that, you can just use JKSM or any other save manager you want.
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    Aug 30, 2016
    Ok thanks. I think i got it now.
    Will test later when i have all setten up :)