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Feb 19, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I want to performing a manual transfer, selectively, from Unit 1 to Unit 2, but both Units have different NNIDs.

Unit 1
is an Old 3DS, with my old NNID. This unit was my original and primary for several years, contains all my titles, saves, streetpass hits, mii plaza data, miis, eshop purchases, etc.
It also has some pretty unique stuff like the Ambassador Cert and a lot of unique Miis/hits/plaza stuff from my time in Japan and going to Nintendo conventions.

Unit 2
is an Old 3DS XL. It's basically unused. It used to be my ex's but I've since formatted it.

Important note: Unit 2, after formatting, was linked with my *CURRENT* NNID. The old NNID on Unit 1 is an NNID I no longer wish to associate with, and have not used it in several years.
Unit 2 is linked with my current NNID, which is what I use nowadays for all things Nintendo.
Apparently I never made a new NNID? Maybe I'm thinking my Nintendo account. As of this edit, Unit 2 doesn't have an NNID yet, and I plan to make a new one, link it to Unit 2, and link it to my Nintendo account. I'll report back when I do and how well it works after the transfer.

I have access to both units and both NNIDs.

So, to reiterate, my goal here is to move everything such as saves, titles, miis, plaza progress, streetpass hits, coins, etc from Unit 1 to Unit 2, but also essentially "changing" my NNID as I do it (by just migrating content under Old NNID on Unit 1 to Unit 2 with New NNID, manually)
I want Unit 2 with New NNID to be my primary unit, and make eshop purchases on it going forward (yes I know it closes soon, part of why I'm doing this first before grabbing stuff like Pokebank/transporter for future Home use before it closes)

As such, doing a System Transfer is not an option. It's equally important to me to have a different NNID on Unit 2, while preserving saves/progress/titles from Unit 1.

What I've done so far:
Unit 1:
Installed CFW using the guide on 3ds.hacks.guide
I followed the steps completely and to the end, so I have HBL, GM9, latest firmware/luma, etc.
Used GM9 to dump all titles, and Checkpoint to backup all saves.

Note: I'm using the same SD card for both Units, for ease, and just swapping it between the two as I do stuff.

Unit 2:
Formatted, then performed the same CFW installation on 3ds.hacks.guide, and has the same CFW and related software as Unit 1.
Linked my current NNID.
Otherwise, have not accessed the eShop or other online services.

Installed all my titles and saves from Unit 1.

What I need to do next:
Ok, the part I need help with.

Since this is my first time ever installing CFW (only prior experience was using Ninjhax MANY years ago), and since I used a step-by-step guide, I'm left with a lot of techy info via forum searching that I quite frankly don't fully understand.

A lot of my search results have resulted in either 5+ year old posts of "can't do it because NAND inaccessible" or "just do a System Transfer" which, again, I don't want to do.

I did however find one post that seemed promising, called "Manual System Transfer for Saves/Content" by Ichii Giki.
Seems like they had success in transferring a system manually between units with different (or no?) NNIDs

Thing is, this is a fully comprehensive full system transfer guide, and almost 8 years old, so a lot of the info is potentially different/more complicated than it needs to be given that we have better/different tools now.

I assume I can just use GM9 now to access my NAND and pull the necessary files that contain data like Mii Plaza etc (the other guide details the locations of NAND specific data like the Mii Plaza)

But, again, I'm fairly new and don't understand, for example, the difference between the different SYSNAND options I see in GM9 (ctrnand, twln, sd, virtual, etc)

Do I also need things like movable.sed, tickets.db, and so on?

Are there perhaps scripts or tools that make this sort of thing easier now? And more idiot-proof?

Lastly, am I safe to access the eShop or should I refrain for now? If I can access the eShop without breaking or complicating things so grab what I need before its closure, then that'll make this process less time sensitive.



Documenting my process (it worked!)

1) I accessed GM9 on Unit 1 (Source console)
2) Navigate to SYSNAND CTRNAND/private
3) Copy movable.sed to 0:/gm9/out (this is so I can edit a copy for later without editing the original)
4) Go back up one folder
5) Navigate to 1:/data/<very long ID number>/
6) Press Y to COPY the files
7) Navigate to root
8) Navigate to 0:/gm9/out
9) PASTE with Y
10) Yes to copy path(s). There should now be a copy of the extdata folder with all the subfolders and data in it in 0:/gm9/out. I suppose you can copy this anywhere but the point is to just copy it off Unit 1 and onto the SD card so it can be moved to Unit 2.
11) Navigate back to root, then back into 1:/data/<very long ID number>/
12) Navigate into sysdata
13) Using Left Bumper, MARK the following files:
  • NAND://data/<ID0>/sysdata - Extract and save ONLY the following folders! (For reference, these titles are for US systems and may vary by region - consult: 3dbrew.org/wiki/System_SaveData for your region):
    • 000200bd - Miiverse
    • 0001000f - Unknown
    • 0002021b - Nintendo Zone
    • 0002021d - Face Raiders
    • 0002021e - AR Games
    • 00010011 - FS module (for Anti Savegame Restore games like Animal Crossing/PKMN/Smash)
    • 00010022 - Pedometer
    • 00010026 - Streetpass (active games)
    • 00010032 - Friends
    • 00010034 - Spotpass
    • 00010035 - News
    • 00020093 - Game Notes
    • 00020094 - Internet Browser
    • 00020096 - Friend List
    • 00020212 - Activity Log
    • 00020214 - Nintendo 3DS Camera
    • 00020215 - Nintendo 3DS Sound
    • 00020217 - Mii Maker
    • 00020218 - Mii Plaza

Note, I copied this from Ichii Giki's guide, so heed the note about the link for your region. I suppose you can just pick and choose what you want, however there is gonna be an extra step/note about the Mii Plaza specifically relating to Mii Maker.
Essentially, Mii Plaza relies on data from Mii Maker, so I went ahead and ensure I copied both.

14) Once you've MARKED each item (they will be highlighted in yellow), press Y to COPY. You should see a clipboard with all your selections.
15) Navigate to root, then to 0:/gm9/out
16) Press Y to PASTE, and select Copy path(s). This will take a bit.
17) Once it's done, while still in 0:/gm9/out, navigate to movable.sed and select Show in Hexeditor.
18) Power off Unit 1 (source)
19) Move SD card from source to target unit (so, for me, from Unit 1 to Unit 2)
If you're using different SD cards then you'll just have to copy all the stuff you put in 0:/gm9/out onto your other SD card.
20) Power on target unit (Unit 2) into GM9.
21) Navigate to 1:/private (SYSNAND CTRNAND)
22) Copy movable.sed to 0:/gm9/out (making a backup here of target unit's movable.sed)
23) Copy the movable.sed from Unit 1 (source) to 1:/private, overwriting the target unit's movable.sed
24) Navigate up a folder, then into 1:/data
25) BACKUP this folder. I didn't because I had previously formatted my target unit anyways, but just make backups anyways.
25) Delete the contents of 1:/data (but NOT the /data/ folder itself!)
26) Navigate back up one folder and select and boot boot.firm
27) I got a luma setup screen, so I just pressed start, and then the system booted into a setup screen as if it was a brand new system/formatted. At this point I just held power to shut it off, then booted back into GM9.
28) Checked 1:/data and the folder I deleted was back, but with a different ID (I assume), which seems to line up with Ichii Giki's guide
29) Go to 0:/gm9/out and copy the extdata folder we got from the source unit.
30) Go to 1:/data/<ID> and paste, overwrite.
31) Go to 0:/gm9/out
32) Copy all the folders you got from sysdata on the source unit
33) Go to 1:/data/<ID>/sysdata and paste. I recommend selecting MOVE instead of COPY to clear it from your SD card, otherwise you'll want to go back and remove those folders from your SD card's 0:/gm9/out to clean up (or make backups, your choice)
34) Once it's done, follow the steps for relocking your NAND yadda yadda and reboot your system normally.
35) You will be prompted with a first time setup screen. Don't panic. Go through and set up your time, nickname, etc. You can probably skip parental controls and networks for now.
36) Once you get to the Home screen, DON'T DO ANYTHING. You should see all your titles, if you had any prior to this (I did, because I used GM9 and Checkpoint to move titles and saves over before doing this). You may even notice streetpass hits (green circle on tiles) or your Mii in the spinning thingy when Mii Plaza tile is selected/moused over. But we don't want to open these apps yet.
37) You'll need BOTH units for this part. On BOTH units, open Mii Maker. You might be prompted on the target unit to create a Mii. Go ahead and make one.
Once you do, on BOTH units, select Send/Receive.
For both, select Mii Maker option.
On SOURCE unit, select Wait for Players.
On TARGET unit, select Search for Players.
Follow the prompts to connect the two units for sending and receiving Miis.
Your goal here is to SEND the Mii associated with your Mii Plaza from the source unit to the target unit.
This is because if you attempt to open Mii Plaza without your Mii, it won't work.
Now, go to the Plaza on the target unit and you should see your Miis! All of them!
38) Optional, you can go back to Mii Maker and send over any other Miis you wish.
39) Optional, in Mii Plaza, you can change your Mii as you normally would. At this point you should have a fully functional Mii Maker/Plaza with all the data from the source unit on the target unit.

Other things that copied over successfully:
Friends list
Seemingly Streetpass and Spotpass hits, too, but I haven't checked them all yet.

Things that didn't:
Activity Log?

I'm still diving into what has and hasn't copied over.
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Jul 16, 2024
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THANK YOU!!! This guide worked to transfer my data for Streetpass Mii Plaza but all of my apps disappeared for some reason.

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