ROM Hack [Tutorial] How to Mass Decrypt, Mass Extract and Mass Rebuild 3DS and CIA Files


Yuri Lover ~
Nov 15, 2014

With this tutorial, you will be able to do a mass extraction, then mass rebuild any kind of 3DS or CIA files.

If anyone see any typo or something wrong with my english (in the setup, the script, the tutorial...) let me know!

For this tutorial, some words will be shortened:
- Homebrew(s) by HB (or HBs)
- The HomeBrew Launcher by HBL
- Decrypt9WIP by Decrypt9



- What you need
- Prerequisites
- Mass Decrypting
- Mass Extracting
- Editing
- Mass Rebuilding


What you Need

  • A 2DS / O3DS / N3DS with a SysNand Firmware between 4.1 and 9.2 (4.1 and 11.X with A9LH)
  • A 3DS ROM
  • WinRAR, or another archive extractor
  • A way to launch HomeBrews, see here:
  • A SD card with a minimum free capacity of 2GB (4 is recommended)
  • This PackHack (HackingToolkit3DS) -> Click Here
Note: If you're on a firmware that is between 9.3 and 10.7, you will have to downgrade to 9.2 to use the tutorial. Except if you're already using A9LH, of course.



Install the new SetupUS(FR).exe of HackingToolkit3DS as a common tool:


Mass Decrypting

First of all, you'll need to have a way to launch HBs on your 3DS.
For this, I recommend the A9LH payload of Decrypt9, or Ninjhax / FreakyHax / BrowserHax.
There is some other ways, you can choose one of them here:

Once you have access to the HBL, copy the Decrypt9WIP folder to your 3ds folder (like another HB).

Put in the root of your SD Card:
- seeddb.bin
- slot0x1BKeyX.bin
- slot0x05KeyY.bin
- slot0x11key96.bin
- slot0x18KeyX.bin
- slot0x25KeyX.bin

Note: You can also build these 5 slot0xXXkeyXX.bin files in 1 aeskeydb.bin file using Decrypt9 -> Maintenance Options -> Build Key Database.
Once done, you can delete these 5 slot0xXXkeyXX.bin files from your SD.

In the root of your 3DS' SD Card, create a new folder, and call it D9Game, then put inside all your 3DS and CIA Roms to be decryted. CIAs can be Games, Updates, or a SystemTitles (not DLC nor DSiWare).
Make sure Windows is not hidding extensions.

Start HBL, start Decrypt9, choose Content Decryptor Options, then NCCH/NCSD Decryptor.

Start HBL, start Decrypt9, choose Content Decryptor Options, then CIA Decryptor (deep).

Wait while it's decrypting.

Once done, copy and past all your decrypted files in your PackHack folder.
Now it's done, go to Extracting.

Note: If you don't see any decrypted files, it's normal.
Decrypt9 decrypt the files themselves. No extra file.


Mass Extracting

Open HackingToolkit3DS:

Write ME.
Your files should not have any spaces in their names, nor special characters, like é or à.
The tool will ask you for every files if you want decompress the code.bin file or not (n/y).
Wait while it's extracting.

All your files will be extracted in a folder with the same name + _Unpacked at the end.

The ExeFS content will be extracted in an ExtractedExeFS folder.
The RomFS content will be extracted in a ExtractedRomFS folder.
The DownloadPlay content will be extracted in a ExtractedDownloadPlay folder.
The Old3DS update will be extracted in a ExtractedO3DSUpdate folder.
The New3DS update will be extracted in a ExtractedN3DSUpdate folder.
The Manual will be extracted in a ExtractedManual folder.
The Banner (shown on the Home Menu) will be extracted in a ExtractedBanner folder.

Now you’re able to edit the game, go to Editing.



Do what you want.
Edit music, textures..
If you follow this tutorial, you know what you want to do.
Once it's finished, rebuild your game.

Optional: If you want, you can also edit the TitleID / UniqueID of your game:
Read here for more informations.


Mass Rebuilding

If you have extracted the game using this tutorial and the "ME" command, then you can just use the "MR" command to rebuild all your .3DS / .CIA:

Once done, don't forget to encrypt all .3DS using Decrypt9 -> Content Decryptor Options -> NCCH/NCSD Encryptor.

If you don't encrypt it back, you won't can use it in the Gateway menu (white Icon, and won't load).
For the fact, because this rebuilt game has the update partition, it will can run on a Sky3DS+, but ONLY if you have signature check disabled, so a CFW.

Only .CIA System Titles need to be re-encrypted, if you have, this is almost the same thing to do.
Decrypt9 -> Content Decryptor Options -> CIA Encryptor (NCCH).



- Tutorial updated and HackingToolkit3DS updated to V5.3
New Build added. You'll have to uninstall the previous Setup and install the new one. For uninstall, it's as all your other tools, use the uninstall.exe in the ProgramFiles folder.
- Added a MassRebuild option
- HackingToolkit3DS is always more faster to load (The main file is just 100kb).
- New Links
CtrTool : Neimod & 3DSGuy
Makerom : 3DSGuy
RomFS Builder : SciresM
RomFS Extractor : SciresM
3DS Builder : SciresM
BrainDump : neobrain
Decrypt9 : d0k3, Shadowtrance & Archshift
3DS Simple CIA Converter : Riku
Patch RomFS Pointer Tool : AHP_Person
HackingToolkit3DS : Asia81 / Mizoré
CleanTool : Asia81 / Mizoré

Thanks to:
Apache Thunder

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