The Omar Khadr Case

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    Dec 18, 2004
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    So recently Omar Khadr's case came up again...
    For those that are not familiar, this is the case: Omar Khadr
    Let me just say that I am tired of people who believes that he should be charged with murder. The one that is even more out of the question is the ones that believes that he should be charged with war crimes... WHAT WAR CRIMES??? Some old delta force soldiers joined the American army to invade someone else's home land and ends up shooting a 15 year old child leaving him as the only "enemy" combatant left. To a simple 15 year old, the obvious thing in his scared little mind is to defend himself by opposing the enemy with aggression. A 29 year old soldier was killed by Omar's grenade. Now if the Omar was killed, the soldier would get away with "rules of engagement" being in the NATO army saying that your life was in danger, but the rules of engagement does not apply to the child? To those who want to try him as an adult in the court, fuck you too. His life ended when he went to Guantanamo at age of 15, he is STILL a 15 year old boy, besides the fact that the "crime" was committed as a child. How does americans get away with this? Throwing a child into a maximum security prison, forcing him into torturous punishments?