ROM Hack RELEASE The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure Kai - Complete English & Partial Japanese patch + QoL patches


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Oct 4, 2015

This patch adds in English support (provided by The Geofront's release of their PC mod) and partial Japanese support to CLE's release of Ao no Kiseki Kai for the Nintendo Switch.
You need a modded switch with custom firmware (preferably Atmosphere).

Largely based on the work in Zero, this comes with the same quality of life features and other patches, some specifically for Azure, to implement proper, complete English support.
  • Dialog boxes scale correctly where they do on PC
  • Complete translation of Executable strings
  • Cuprum font with proper variable width font support
  • Various text alignment/size fixes across the executable
  • Various patches to correct icon positions, backstory and notebook items to properly match English text.
  • PNG/WebP texture support, for loading the Geofront's assets
  • Localized map assets
It also features a few quality of life patches:
  • Dynamic GPU clock feature, made by Zakaria, allowing the game to maintain 60FPS most of the time in cases where it usually lagged by slightly boosting the GPU clock when needed, the average gain being around 10FPS. This uses the same functionality that some retail games use (eg. Doom Eternal), so it's completely safe (Note that this only affects portable mode and that it doesn't guarantee a locked 60FPS at all time since the vanilla game dropped to even 40FPS in some cases).
  • Better map textures from the Joyoland PC version

The game will now also load in Japanese (present but unused in the game) if your console is set to Japanese, but it's only partially supported, mostly for reference purposes, as some files are missing in japanese and may fall back to chinese assets (eg. op/ed video) or not load at all.

Thorough list of patches (technical)
  • Hook game language settings to force Japanese/"English" mode.
  • Redirect asset loading to data_en and data folders on English mode
  • Replace executable string array with english text.
  • Hook some other functions that pass on unlocalized strings to replace them (done by Zakaria).
  • Elemental efficiency bar in Combat notebook hooked so it looks like The Geofront's PC version.
  • Fix percentage sign rendering on Camp Menu
  • Fix X/Y offsets of battle tutorial icons
  • Adjust X/Y offsets of detective report screen texts.
  • Align Recipes owned and Species Caught on Recipe/Fishing books

  • Variable width font patches across multiple parts of the game. The Geofront patch is made with Cuprum in mind, this font is provided with the patch as well.
  • Dynamic dialog box size is now calculated correctly.
  • Fixed width windows are now horizontaly-scaled similarly to the PC version, to fit the english text with these in mind.
  • Fix book text rendering.
  • Fix the right column's horizontal offset of the extra mode unlock/points section to prevent text from overflowing.
  • Align save descriptions on the save menu to the right edge of the box to prevent them from overflowing. If that's not enough (eg. Chapter 2), the patch will shrink the font to make it fit.
  • Set offsets of some notebook texts correctly to account for english texts.
  • Push Support Request names to the right to prevent overflow
  • Fix centering and window sizes on Backstory menu
  • Fix "Change View" text going outside of the screen on Orbment menu.
  • Change "Not for sale" text X offset when trying to sell unsellable items (eg. event items, etc.).
  • Change X offset of request status on detective notebook to prevent overlapping with request names.

  • Implement WebP/PNG texture loader. Due to slow SD read speeds, WebP is slightly faster as it loads the encoded webp image into memory faster and decoding the rest is faster than reading a decoded image.
  • Activate CPU boost on certain functions to improve decoding of such textures.
  • Because of limitations (texture creation subroutines being aggresively inlined/optimized, preventing me from either hooking a single function or reimplementing it trivially), a dummy ITP with the same resolution of the inserted textures must be provided. These are included with the patch.
  • Game's file memory cache system is used to always try to maintain the dummy ITPs on memory.

  • Activate CPU boost on some loading screens for slight load time improvements.
  • Dynamic GPU clock when FPS falls below 60fps.
  • Replaced JP/TC/KR built-in save opcode pointer fix with proper offsets for English scenario files to fix the infamous black save chapters bug.

  • Rebuilt using proper semi-automated text re-insertion and rebuilding through EDDecompiler.
  • Crossbell Library's script ported (again) instead from PC instead of reinserted due to significant amount of changes.

2022 Note:
Hello, as you may already know, Trails to Azure is being localized by NIS America and will be releasing in 2023. To support the official release, I have removed the download. I'm informed that the official release NISA will do is vastly superior to the CLE port, and anything this patch could have possibly improved from it in the technical aspect, as well as in texture quality, QOL fixes, etc.. I'm confident the official release will find a better experience overall, so please support it. Thank you for your understanding.

Source code (only for developers that want to take a look at the code, not needed for playing with the patch):

Only the 1.0.1 version of the game is supported.

Installation instructions for the patch are available in the README file inside the zip file.
While this patch may work for other custom firmwares, only Atmosphere is officially supported.

As with the previous patch, a lot of work was put to making this the best version of Azure for the Switch out there. The bugs around this time were less interesting (since most of them were Zero stuff or things that I already got the hang of) and more tiresome to patch, but here it is nonetheless. This time I don't have much to say except that I'm grateful for all the bug reporting and feedback I got with the previous patch. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Special thanks to:
  • Zakaria for providing additional programming and graphics editing for the Switch patch, and testing the patch thoroughly, and providing some finishing touches to the title screen.
  • jess.exe for making the new title screen with Marco Ruggiero's logo.
  • @Shenrai for additional testing and bug reporting
  • TommyB (@tombly) for additional testing of the patch and some advice.
  • The Skyline Project for their code patching framework, and Shadów for initially assisting me with it.
  • The Geofront for their amazing localization of the game.
  • devkitPro for their Switch toolchain and portlibs, specifically libwebp
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Apr 20, 2021
Wonderful, thank you! It's now time to start that full playthrough I've been wanting to do... for over a decade. Started hoping (against hope) for the PSP, then the Vita, and now, with the 4 new games released since, It's likely going to be on the Switch, mainly, which is crazy.
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Apr 19, 2019
this would be maintained? since Geofront it's literally working in the official localization now, and they deleted their patches


Feb 27, 2017
United States
I was able to effortlessly get this working perfectly. Thank you for the ones that did this. Just dragged and dropped everything.

This morning my Estelle and Joshua from Pinbox arrived, this will be a kiseki filled summer for me. Btw, game runs great but nowhere near the beautiful OLED on the vita (since I just got done running Zero EVO Geofront on VITA)
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