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    Oct 3, 2015
    First of all this is an updated FAQ based from @saneatsu's FAQ located here, it is meant to be as simple to understand as possible.
    If there is stuff I am missing or questions to be answered, please put them in the comments section and tag me.

    Lets get started.

    PSA: Added Pegaswitch/Pegascape Section
    PSA: Added Android Section

    Basic Information and Questions

    • Basic Info and Questions

      Does my switch support Fusee Gelee/CFW:

      What if my switch is patched?
      If your switch is patched and on 4.1 or below you can use Pegascape. If it's on 5.0.0-7.1.0 You will need to wait. If it's on 8.0.0 or higher your SOL

      What if I upgrade to the latest firmware:

      What about ... [insert question here]:

      What about Firmware [insert Firmware version here]:

      When will [insert name of thing here] be released?:
      Soon TM. Note: Soon does not mean today, tomorrow, or even a month from now. Soon merely means whenever the hell the devs are done and it won't crash because you looked at it. Just like a road trip asking 100 times only pisses off the drivers, and they will turn this car around dammit.

      I'm trying to lan two switches together and it's not working
      Both Switch consoles are required to be on the same firmware and have the games running the same updates

      Help my SD Card corrupted
      I'm so very very sorry this happened to you. The only fix is to re-format your SD Card.
      There is also a google form for reporting corrupt SD Cards to help the devs get to the bottom of it Here. PLEASE FILL THIS FORM OUT

      Can I change my switch's theme?
      Yes you can, a report on custom theme is here with a link to the discussion thread there as well.

    • List of terms:

      Cold Boot:
      A method of booting a sytem that is not already powered on. Typically done when turning on your computer after shutting it down.
      Custom firmware (CFW):
      Firmware that has been customized by the hacking community to extend functionality and allow users to run unsigned code on their device.
      An emulated version of the system NAND/EMMC. Can be setup using the latest Hekate.
      Firmware (FW):
      Firmware is the software that tells your device how to run. This is usually updated to provide new features/bug fixes.
      Hard Mod:
      A method that uses a hardware modification to run arbitrary code. As it's name suggests it usually required modifying the Hardware and is also a Hard mod to do (usually). The nintendo swtich is lucky as it only requires bridging pin 10 to ground to allow privilege escalation.
      Hekate IPL:
      Named after the God Hekate, it is a boot loader that allows you to choose what you want to boot your switch into (Horizon OS, Linux, Atmosphere, etc.). Still in development at this time
      The name of the firmware (OS) that runs on the switch, analogous to Windows 10 for PC or your favorite linux distro.
      .kip and .kip1 files are the customizable parts of the CFW. Examples of .kips in ReiNX are fs_mitm.kip(LayeredFS) and fs.kip (Enabled exfat)
      The Nintendo Switch Android Image
      The NAND is the storage of the Switch (think hard drive). In this case it is a 32GB eMMC module that is removable. However at this time we cannot upgrade the storage space as all components seem to be linked to the device (eMMC, screen, motherboard, etc.) This is used to store the firmware and games for the switch.
      The name of a warmboot exploit released by stuckpixel that makes use of pegaswitch to reboot the console to RCM (fusee gelee consoles) on early firmware consoles. Found Here
      An Android app used to boot Fusee Gelee payloads from an android device. Required a USB OTG adapter and USB-A to USB-C cable. If your phone already has USB-C (congratulations) you just need a USB-C to USB-C cable.
      A Nintendo eshop game format, similar to .cia files for the 3ds consoles.
      Usually a ram binary that is loaded into the Switch's memory and then run. Can be used to run CFW
      A web based exploit chain for the switch, runs homebrew
      Privilege Escalation:
      A method used to run code as a higher privileged user such as root or kernel. This is usually not possible since users run with limited privilege for security reasons.
      Prodinfo is a partition of the switch nand that stores console unique information required to boot your console into Horizon (HOS)
      Recovery mode of the switch analogous to DFU mode on iPhones or safe mode on your PC. Usually it is used to diagnose issues with hardware/software.
      Software used to emulate older game systems so you can play their games.
      Signed code/Unsigned code:
      Code from Nintendo is "signed" by a special key that only they should have access to. Unsigned code is not signed by this key and cannot run unless done so by an exploit (like custom firmware) or allowed by Nintendo.
      Soft Mod:
      A method that uses software to modify your switch to allow for running unsigned code. It is usually an easier method than hard modding
      A term referencing the requirement of a host device to boot a compromised device, usually via a program to send a starting payload. Without this the device will either boot into the normal (not moddable) os or not boot at all until you have access to a computer.
      An API Used by software to get better performance from GPU's. The driver for Linux on Switch is still being worked on at this time.
      Warm Boot:
      A method of booting a system that is already powered on. Typically done during a reboot.
      A Nintendo game card format, similar to .3ds files for the 3ds consoles

    • Fusee Gelee FAQ

      What is FUSEE Gelee:
      This is a hack that allows us to run just about any OS/CFW on the switch. It works by interrupting the boot process of the switch through use of a special RCM mode (think iPhone DFU/recovery mode) and then sending a different payload to be booted. Right now we require the use of a computer to then boot alternative software on the switch. This includes Linux, Atmosphere, ReiNX, RajNX and SXOS CFW. This flaw CANNOT BE PATCHED THROUGH FIRMWARE UPDATES. Only a new console release from Nintendo will solve this. Think of how the original Xbox 360 didn't have an HDMI port, but later versions did. The older one couldn't add support through software, it required all new hardware to be released.

      In order to Launch Fusee Gelee you need a pc (windows or linux) with USB 3.0 or 3.1+ (type-c connector) or a mac with usb 2.0+, and the FG launcher. You can also launch FG from a raspberry pi that has been set to run the launcher on a loop so you can just connect and boot. All methods will require either a USB-C to USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cable.

      The other alternative is a reboot to RCM warmboot exploit using pegaswitch (Jamis-VU, Dejavu, Nereba)

      What can I do with FUSEE Gelee:
      - Dump your switch's internal memory/keys with one of the custom payloads
      - Boot Linux
      - Boot CFW

      What is NXLoader:
      NXLoader is an android application that allows you to boot Fusee Gelee payloads via an android device. You will still require a usb On-The-Go adapter and a USB-A to USB-C adapter. If your phone has USB-C already you just need a USB-C to USB-C cable and an android device.
      ((If information is missing from this section please let me know. I am an iPhone user so I haven't been paying much attention to this item.))

      What is TegraRCM Smash?
      TegraRCM Smash is a Command Line program that allows you to boot a Fusee Gelee payload from your PC. You will still require a USB-A to USB-C cable.
      There is also a GUI Version available.

      What is the JoyCon Mod:
      The JoyCon Mod is a reference to the bridging of pin 10 (closest to the back) on the RIGHT joycon's connector (on the switch) to ground (pins 1 or 7 without the joycon connected to the system). This pulls the pin low (low voltage) and in conjunction with pressing the volume up button at boot, is used to put the switch into RCM mode which is required for Fusee Gelee. This is like pressing the home button on an android or iPhone. It should not be confused with the home button on the right joycon which is more like the back button on android.

      You can also push pins 9 and 10 on the joycon itself together to short them. Note that this only works if you connect the joycon to the system as pin 9 on the connector is only ground when the joycon is docked on the switch. Otherwise you should ground pin 10 to pins 7 or 1 in order to get into RCM mode. This can be acheived through a joycon jig (insert link here) or through soldering specific points of the joycon.

      If you opt for the soldering option I'd recommend you put in a magnetic switch so you can activate the RCM by placing a magnet on the right joycon (Link).
      More Fusee Gelee Info: Here (outdated)

    • Pegaswitch FAQ

      What is Pegaswitch/Pegascape?

      Pegaswitch/Pegascape is a web based exploit chain allowing homebrew and similar level access as fusee-gelee
      Will this work on an ipatched switch?
      Yes, Pegaswitch/Pegascape will work on ipatched switches, HOWEVER, the lower the console firmware the better as new updates can break the exploit chain.
      How can I set up Pegaswitch/Pegascape?
      Follow the information on the Pegascape website, HERE

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Firmware Versions FAQ

      What firmwares can I install homebrew on?:
      Homebrew can be installed on Nintendo Switch system version 6.2 and below.

      What can I do with Firmware 1.0.0 to 1.0.0
      Block Updates while waiting for CFW. You might also be able to update without burning fuses (see below).

      What can I do with Firmware 2.0.0 - 10.0.0
      Block Updates and use Atmosphere, SXOS or ReiNX

      What can I do with Firmware 10.0.1 - Current (11.0.1)
      Block Updates and use Atmosphere or SXOS (ReiNX support listed to 10.1.0)

      I’m on x.y.z but my new gamecart for botw/xenoblade/etc needs to update to a higher version what should I do?
      You have a few options.
      • Do a fuseless upgrade, follow this guide.
      • Find a gamecart of lower version out in the wild (buy another copy and see if it's cart 000 or 001, etc.)
      • Find a gamecart with the appropriate update and try to update through that
      • Update to the latest Firmware (Please no just wait it'll be worth it)
      • Have patience and wait for CFW to make things better

      If you're not sure what FW a game requires you can reference this list --> List Games Required Firmware Version

    • Switch Modding General FAQ

      Inject lockpick_rcm to get keys and do nand backup with hekate

      Is it possible to unbrick my switch if I wiped my prodinfo or bricked it?
      Yes it is, follow this guide

      What is Hekate? Will it hurt my switch?
      Hekate is a multi purpose bootloader which can be used to load various CFW or CFW configs. The latest release of Hekate also allows you to setup EmuMMC for Atmosphere.


      However as with all mods if you don't know what you're doing wait for the noob friendly version. You always run a risk even if the risk is low. However, this boot method will not cause damage to your switch.

      When can I play/install back-up/pirated games?:
      While GBATemp does allow for discussion of piracy, it doesn't condone it. There are two current methods of doing this. Paying for TX SX for XCI or use one of the free CFW's with Sigpatches for NSP files. The free CFW's now also support installing XCI's, see ZeroTwoXCI

      What is this Update Message Nag issue people have been reporting:
      Nintendo has figured out a way to flip a switch on your switch making it nag you to update before you can even go online. The only systems not affected are those that are already on the latest firmware. For the time being put your Switch into airplane mode and keep it there until an update is made regarding this issue. At this time there is NO FIX.

      This issue seems to be separate from another similar issue and the devs are still working figuring out how this was done by Nintendo.

      What size SD Card should I get for CFW:
      The recommended size is at MINIMUM 64GB. This is because while the SD card is SOLD as 32GB, the actual formatted amount is ~28-29GB. We will have to store an image on the SD card that is roughly 32GB in size, so no a 32GB card will not work. Personally, I'd recommend you use at least 128GB as you must also have space to store games, homebrew, etc.

      Note: You should typically go for as large an SD card as you can afford.
      Note 2: Fat32 can only store files upto 4gb per file.

      Additionally, if you want to boot linux, you should use a second SD card so you don't risk losing anything on your main one.

      What is AutoRCM and should I use it?
      Firstly, let’s explain exactly what AutoRCM is. In order to get CFW working on your Switch, you must enter RCM and push a payload, which can be quite a pain in the ass depending on what method you are using to bridge the pins on the right Joycon rail. AutoRCM alleviates this by having your Switch boot directly into RCM. This can be healthier for the Switch as you won’t be tinkering with the Joycon rail on each boot. However, you will be unable to boot your Switch unless you send a payload to it on each boot. If you turn your Switch off periodically and occasionally would like to boot into OFW (Original Firmware), it’s probably best that you leave AutoRCM behind. However, if you are just interested in running only CFW and do not want to tinker with your Joycon rail on each boot, AutoRCM is for you!

      • ReiNX FAQ

        ReiNX is Deprecated, Please use Atmosphere or SXOS

        How do I use ReiNX?
        You can find the official usage guide Here

        I heard that there ReiNX can dump my nand in under an hour?

        Yes and no. The nand can be dumped in under an hour, but not by the CFW. ReiNX have a toolkit that can do that. You can find the toolkit here.

        What's a nogc? / Why can't I play my gamecart games?

        Nogc basically means that your gamecart slot will be disabled.
        There's an update for gamecart controller that happens when you update to versions on/over 4.x, and this update prevents it from working under 4.x.
        If you updated from a version under 4.x to a version above 4.x and you want your gc slot to work if you ever downgrade again, then you need nogc. Keep in mind that this means that you won't be able to play the games you have on gamecarts.
        If you didn't do this or you don't care about it working, then you don't need nogc.

        If you don't need nogc, go to ReiNX folder on your sdcard and delete nogc file. That's it.

        Why do I get a black screen after Nintendo switch logo / why do I have random issues?
        Are you using an exfat microsd? If so, did you ever install the update for it on switch (manually or through system)? If not, either use fat32, (only if you're on latest horizon version >) boot to ofw and make it install update there (< only if you're on latest horizon version) or ask for help with installing exfat patch to lower firmwares. Then try again.

        Is there a gamecart in your switch, and is nogc enabled? If so take out the gamecart, and try again.

        If none of those help, try removing the fs_mitm.kip file under ReiNX/sysmodules/ on your microsd card and try again.

        If you are seeing FS_MITM.KIP you should upgrade your ReiNX to the latest version which replaces fs_mitm with rnx_mitm

        I hate anime, how do I change the splash?:
        Follow this link Here

        I had [insert issue here] with ReiNX! Who should I talk to about this?

        Help! My switch is crashing whenever I select the second user?
        Make sure you are using the latest ReiNX.bin file

        Help I'm using ReiNX and getting error code 2011-0301
        Appears to be fs_mitm.kip error. Delete your sd:/ReiNX/ folder and replace with the files found in the guide linked above.

        Help! I'm using ReiNX and getting the error code 2001-0123?
        Try the latest nightly file, located HERE

        Help! I'm using ReiNX and getting Fatal error code 2345-0031?
        Cause: Fatal error code when using Delta Launch homebrew icon.
        Resolution: Reboot or wait until there is a more stable version of Delta released

        Cause: Attempting to open hbmenu from within a game.
        Resolution: Remove freebird module from reinx/titles folder

      • Atmosphere FAQ

        If I Update to firmware x.y.z will I lose access to Atmosphere/Fusee Gelee?:
        Updating your switch will not prevent you from using Atmosphere/Fusee Gelee. It will just make doing so more difficult and involved.

        You should avoid updating as earlier versions of the Switch firmware have bugs that have been patched by Nintendo in later versions. These bugs make it easier to run Atmosphere/Fusee Gelee without the need for a hardware mod and a computer. In time all versions of the switch's firmware will be able to boot Atmosphere/Linux/Fusee Gelee Payloads without the use of a computer, this includes new versions not yet released. It will just take time for devs to update their code to work with those versions.

        More information will be given as the Devs working on Atmosphere and FG release more information.

        What is Atmosphere CFW?:
        Atmosphere is what is called a Custom Firmware. It is a patched version of the firmware that is running on your switch. However, this version is run off of the SD card and supports all FW versions. At this time all firmware that runs on the switch supports atmosphere. This includes later firmware as the switch has a rather nasty hack that lets us crack the system wide open.

        What can Atmosphere Do?
        Atmosphere can do everything your switch can currently do and more. However that more is where the fun begins.

        Atmosphere opens the switch to running unisgned third party code. Because of the amazing community that has been setup this means we have things like:

        Run Retroarch an emulation program with support for a wide range of game consoles
        Browse the web and watch youtube
        Run third Party Games
        Backup your game saves and restore them in case they are lost!!!
        Run downloaded games

        But seriously guys the switch is shaping up to be one of the greatest portable emulation devices we have ever had. Even the PSP/Vita won't be as good once everything has matured. The switch is the device we all wanted in the backseat of the car on those long family trips. Nintendo has shown the switch's versatility in gaming and with homebrew on the switch through Atmsophere we will be seeing some amazing homebrew.

        When will Atmosphere CFW be released?:
        Atmosphere is released, you can find the latest version Here

        Can Atmosphere be patched?:
        Nintendo CANNOT release an update that breaks Atmosphere. The vulnerability used is in the hardware of the switch and can only be fixed with different hardware being released. Think of how the original Xbox 360 didn't have an HDMI port, but later versions did. The older one couldn't add support through software, it required all new hardware to be released.

        Can Atmosphere run signed code (Can atmosphere run games I already own?)
        Atmosphere will be able to run signed code. More plainly Atmosphere will be able to run your gamecarts and eshop purchases without issue. All Atmosphere does is patch things to allow you to load the HBL (home brew launcher) without having to run a hack every time. It allows for execution of both signed and unsigned code.

        What is Trust Zone:
        Arm TrustZone technology is a System on Chip (SoC) and CPU system-wide approach to security. TrustZone is hardware-based security built into SoCs by semiconductor chip designers who want to provide secure end points and a device root of trust. Jamis Vu and Deja Vu are the names of privilege escalation exploits that allows the user to run code as root or kernel. Usually, unsigned code is prevented from being run, let alone as a more "privileged user", but with TZ we are able to run such code. This is the exploit that will be used to launch Atmosphere. It currently works on all switches 1.0-4.x and has different names depending on the firmware version.

        At this time I know of no TZ exploit implementation for 5.0+, but I have heard that it is possible, it will just take time. This means that for now you anyone on 5.0+ rely on the JoyCon Mod to boot Atmosphere. This will probably change over time.

        What is Jamis Vu:
        This is the name of the Trust Zone exploit implementation for FW 1.0.0. This can be used to launch Atmosphere when it is released.

        What is Deja Vu:
        This is the name of the Trust Zone exploit implementation for FW 2.x-6.x. This can be used to launch Atmosphere when it is released. (Can apparently run on upto firmware 6.0.1)

        What is the Deja Vu exploit chain and what can I use on it?

        Just to provide a bit more context and hopefully clear some doubts:
        - The déjà-vu exploit chain goes browserhax > nvhax > gmmuhax > nspwn > [undisclosed] > warmboothax;
        - What is going to be released is a browser exploit for firmware versions 4.0.0 to 6.0.1 and the "nvhax" exploit which allows you to take over the nvservices' process and access the GPU MMU (which we used for gmmuhax).

        I know it's not much yet, but this will grant those with ipatched units the ability to explore the system further and look for even more vulnerabilities on a higher privilege level.
        For general users (with ipatched units), the benefits will depend on the firmware version you are on:
        - 4.1.0: vulnerable to the entire déjà-vu chain so it can go up to nspwn right away (full userland takeover and therefore, homebrew);
        - 5.0.0 to 5.1.0: nspwn was patched in this version, but workarounds are possible by abusing gmmuhax;
        - 6.0.0 to 6.0.1: many changes made exploitation really hard to achieve, but there are still workarounds.

        6.1.0 patched the browser exploit that will be released (others are already being worked on) and 6.2.0 patched "nvhax" (closing down the current exploit chain).

        As of the release of firmware 8.0 the last part of the exploit chain has been patched so Dejavu will be released fully soon.

        Edit: See PegaSwitch
        Help I'm getting an error 2001-0106 on firmware 1.0
        Use atmosphere 0.7.2 or later

        Help my games are crashing on higher firmwares?
        Use atmosphere 0.7.2 or later

        Help! I'm crashing on firmware 1.0 and I don't know why?
        Try deleting sys-ftpd.kip if you have it and try again

        How do I set up emunand?
        Use the latest hekate, version 5 as of the time of typing this and follow the GUI prompts

      • RajNX
        See Raj's guide Here

        RajNX is now Deprecated

      • SX OS

        Help! I updated SX OS and now my license is invalidated
        Here's how to fix your license for SXOS
        • Back up your license.dat from your SD Card to your computer in a safe location
        • Delete your license.dat from your sd card.
        • Launch SX OS, it will ask if you want to make a new request file. Say yes.
        • Goto their page, upload the request file and use the code you already used.
        • Download your new license file

        Basically, it's like you're activating SXOS for the first time.

        For other issues see FAQ Here

      • Linux FAQ

        What size SD Card should I get for Linux:
        At this time no definitive size has been set for Linux on Switch. While any size above 4gb should work, I'd recommend any size 32gb and up.
        Keep in mind that if you are using linux to run emulators:
        1.) Performance is really spotty right now and there's a lot of stuff that doesn't work.
        2.) Games will need to be put on the SD card, which at this time is not an easy task unless you know about linux partitions and this will require space.

        Additionally if you want to use Atmosphere CFW I recommend you use a second SD card so you don't risk losing anything because of linux.

        What is this battery issue I keep seeing?:
        Linux on the Switch is in it's extremly early days and not all things work on the switch. This includes complete power management. While we can put the GPU in high/medium/low power mode, there seems to be an issue where the Switch's original OS doesn't keep track of the battery while the Switch is running Linux. Because of this, when you're in Linux, the switch "loses track" of the battery's actual charge. This will be fixed in later releases, just give it time and avoid Linux unless you know what you're doing.

        What is this Linux SD Card issue I keep Seeing?:
        Certain SD cards support transferring data that is apparently faster than the Switch can. There is a patch that forces faster cards to run slower so they can work, but at this time it is advised to just wait for a proper fix/solution.

        What actually works on Linux?:
        Wifi: Requires you to reboot linux and run the exploit again. Do not just force the console off with the power switch, have linux reboot.
        Bluetooth: Works but JoyCons cannot be paired yet
        Touchscreen: Works, but interface isn't friendly yet
        GPU Acceleration: Works via mesa, with OpenGL (vulkan maybe?)
        Volume Buttons: Works in Gnome, but doesn't do anything at this time
        Credit: Natinusala's thread on how to boot linux on your switch -> https://gbatemp.net/threads/quick-tuto-how-to-boot-linux-on-your-switch.501918/

        What doesn't work on Linux?:
        Power Management: See Battery issue, battery level working in Gnome.
        Joycons: Not recognized
        Audio: Not working
        Power Button: no function, no sleep mode, no graceful shutdown (reboot works)
        USB Support: No flash drives, mice, keyboards, controllers, ethernet as these all use USB. It is only used to boot into linux at this time.
        Dock: Untested, doesn't do anything other than charge battery (No HDMI).
        Credit: Natinusala's thread on how to boot linux on your switch -> https://gbatemp.net/threads/quick-tuto-how-to-boot-linux-on-your-switch.501918/
        Note: This information for Linux may be out of date.

      • Android FAQ

        What is LineageOS Android?

        LineageOS 15.1 by Switchroot is the first publicly available Android ROM for the Nintendo Switch. Based on the Nvidia Shield TV builds it brings a smooth and powerful Android experience to your Switch in both handheld and docked mode.

        What features does it have?

        A list of features is as follows:
        • LineageOS 15.1 - Android 8.1 Oreo
        • Based on the Nvidia Shield TV trees
        • TWRP pre-installed
        • CPU and GPU performance profiles
        • Works in handheld and docked mode
        • Audio is supported
        • Joycons connect via Bluetooth, also in handheld mode

        What are the known bugs?
        A list of known bugs includes:
        • Deep sleep, so battery life is not great
        • Auto rotation as we haven't figured out how to talk to the sensor yet
        • Screen off in dock
        • Charging is not detected, but console still charges
        • Some apps don't handle joycon inputs correctly
        • The touchscreen sometimes detects touches even when your finger is just floating over the screen
        • There is a system process ANR on boot. Just click „Wait“ and it won’t happen again until next boot
        • Screenshots do not work
        • WiFi may randomly stop working. If this happens just reboot
        • If TV looks odd and grainy when docking then redock a few times.
        • No TV keyboard that can be used with gamepad
        • SELinux is disabled
        • You can’t access the FAT32 partition of the SD card on macOS. Windows and Linux works.

        Where do I get the Android Rom from and how do I install it?

        Follow the instructions here

        What size SD Card do I need for Android?
        The current releases support 16GB upto 128GB Micro SD Cards. Excess space may be unallocated.

        Where can I get more information about this?
        The release thread here

    Homebrew, NSP and Layered FS (FS_MITM)

    This section is made from information from the ReiSwitched Discord Helpers.
    The information is correct at the time given.

    • OG Tinfoil Error Codes
      May apply to other installers

      Tinfoil shows error "Failed to create a placeholder file message with code 4e02"

      Issue with not enough space on SD Card. User verified he had a 64gb SD card, with nand backup and skyrim (16gb) leaving 14gb of actual space.
      Tinfoil error 805
      Possible missing sigpatches. According to some users it's also a random error that can be solved by retrying a couple of times.
      Tinfoil crashes mid install with error code 2132-0002
      Old tinfoil is garbage. Try the install again with the newest version of tinfoil found here.
      Tinfoil Error f601
      Thought to be not enough space. Needs more confirmation.
      Tinfoil Error 291
      Not all sigpatches installed
      Error Code 0x00236e02
      Latest masterkey needed. Update using ChoiDujourNX :arrow: Here
      NOTE: If you have the latest updates it can be caused by a bad NSP or FS_Mitm
      Error Code 0x002
      Rename the file to be shorter and have no special character i.e: Pokken_update.nsp instead of pokken v19213 [127634798214327de173r].nsp
      Update your system firmware using ChoidujourNX. :arrow: Here
      Error Code 0x00234a02
      SD Card Corruption. Reformat the SD Card
      Error Code 0x00234c02
      Thought to be issue with new "legal" signing method. Newest ReiNX appears to have fixed. If not try Hekate
      Error Code 0x00299002
      You are on firmware 7.x.x or above, Either use USB Install, Goldleaf 0.5 or DZ Tinfoil

    • Other NSP Installer Errors

      NSP Error 14005

      If you are using old version of ReiNX, check if you have the titles/33 folder.
      Rom Menu Error Code 2168-0002
      Corrupted ticketdb from installing Developer Encrypted NSP from Rom Menu. Restore from Nand Backup
      Error Code 2144-0001
      Generic error according to @AveSatanas. Rebooting console should fix the error.

    • Layered FS/FS_MITM?

      What is Layered FS and should I use it?
      LayeredFS (short for Layered FileSystem) is how the Switch works out game patches. With this enabled, you can overwrite certain game files with custom ones (For Example: Launching Devmenu via Pokemon Quest).

      What are these Layered FS issues and how do I fix them?
      The two most prominent issues with layered FS are applications freezing or not launching properly and if you are on a switch using system firmware 3.0.0 - 3.0.2, using Layered FS will cause the system to not boot.
      This is easily fixed by deleting the file fs_mitm.kip from your sd card. For example in ReiNX it is located under "SD:\ReiNX\Sysmodules"
      This is only for older versions of fs_mitm. Disregard for latest releases

    • Homebrew Launcher

      Error Code 2347-0003
      hbmenu.nro not found. Make sure hbmenu.nro is located on the root of your sd card.

      Help! My Homebrew Launcher won't Launch
      Have you tried holding down R
      Do you have the SD:\CFW\Titles\010000000000100D directory.
      Format the SD Card and use the latest CFW Files.
      Note: The CFW folder can be any of the CFW's listed above

      No apps in Homebrew Launcher
      • Make sure you have the "SD:\Switch" Folder
      • Are you using Mac? Remove the archive bits with terminal or use Hekate
        • Terminal command for removing archive bit:
          • sudo chflags -R arch /Volumes/<name of SD card>
        • Terminal Command for removing MacOS specific files:
          • sudo dot_clean /Volumes/<name of SD card>

    There are probably a lot of issues with this, and I will correct them in time. If you want a question added just let me know and I will add it. Links and pictures to relevant topics/guides/etc will be added when I can XD.

    Switch Wiki Glossary of Terms Here

    • Part of Dejavu tool chain leaked > Source
    • BrowserHax Writeup > Source
    • Dejavu tool chain order + exploit levels for firmwares > Source
    Last edited by Adran_Marit, Dec 14, 2020 - Reason: fixed formatting (again) :P
  2. Adran_Marit

    OP Adran_Marit Walküre's Hacker

    Oct 3, 2015
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  3. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight
    Former Staff

    Oct 27, 2002
    about the first spoiler :

    you should add the year too.
    "all switch after july" is a little confusing, not sure if you talk about this year, or last year. if this guide stays visible in 2019 it will be even more confusing.

    You can also link to "switch information based on serial number", it has a very nice comprehensive way to determine if you'll get a compatible or non compatible switch before buying it.

    Thanks for taking back the FAQ.
    I hope you'll have time to properly update it, it's moving fast. If you need help, ask someone to get edit rights too.
    Last edited by Cyan, Sep 5, 2018
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  4. Adran_Marit

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    Oct 3, 2015
    Nor a problem, I'm still working on it right now so I'll update the info :)
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  5. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    would you have a list of bootloader/payload?

    bootloader I know Fusée gelée, hekate, but is there anything else which can boot from RCM?
    I guess SX loader, as it then loads the payload from sd, right?

    payload there's atmosphere, ReiNX and lakka ? SX OS too I suppose.

    I thought someone made a list, but I can't find the thread. if you have time to make a list of existing loader and payload, that would be nice :)
    thank you.
    Last edited by Cyan, Sep 6, 2018
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  6. Draxzelex

    Draxzelex GBAtemp Legend

    Aug 6, 2017
    United States
    I believe this is the one you're referring to: https://gbatemp.net/threads/fusee-gelee-all-the-payloads.502028/

    ...which is also horribly outdated but its a good starting point.
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  7. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    ohh, yes, that's the one !
    thank you :)
    I stickied it, I think it's useful (but if outdated, someone should help update it).
    I planed to use it to make and maintain a wiki page too.
    Last edited by Cyan, Sep 6, 2018
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  8. Adran_Marit

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    Oct 3, 2015
    also have now have it linked in the thread as well :)
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  9. SirNapkin1334

    SirNapkin1334 Renound Aritst

    Aug 20, 2017
    United States
    Will coldboot software FG be available on 4.1+? If that’s answered in the tabs, sorry, it’s buggy on mobile and selecting tabs besides the first one doesn’t work all the way
  10. Adran_Marit

    OP Adran_Marit Walküre's Hacker

    Oct 3, 2015
    As a rule of thumb, the lower firmware you are the better if you want cold boot at the current time.

    If you want to stay on 4.1 but still want to play newer games without issues then I suggest doing a fuseless upgrade
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  11. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    I started writing a little page on wiki to explain the exploits and what fusée gelée is. Maybe it can help users too. I try to keep it "noob friendly" without technical detail, there's switchbrew for that.
    still draft, please don't be too harsh :P
    if there is a big mistake, let me know so I can fix it, I did it all by memory so author or version numbers are probably completely wrong.
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  12. suzsuzuki

    suzsuzuki GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 25, 2016
    When will Atmosphere CFW be released?:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Planned release: 15th of June.

    What? 15th of June 2019? I think the latest release date was August 2018.
  13. Adran_Marit

    OP Adran_Marit Walküre's Hacker

    Oct 3, 2015
    Most of the information is from the old FAQ, I still need to do some updating, but yes last I heard was August 2018 as

    Edit: Updated guide to have the planned 0.7 release date in FAQ and added link to the release plans
    Last edited by Adran_Marit, Sep 6, 2018
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  14. SirNapkin1334

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    Aug 20, 2017
    United States
    Can you give me a link to a fuseless upgrade? If I use a fuseless upgrade, will I be able to play online safely?
  15. Adran_Marit

    OP Adran_Marit Walküre's Hacker

    Oct 3, 2015
    The fuseless upgrade is so you can revert for cold/warmboot hax.

    While you could still possibly go online, it has an extremely high chance of getting you banned.

    here is the link though
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  16. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    I copied the glossary to wiki. https://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Switch_Glossary
    I also added more detail to some entries. (like coldboot, emmc/nand, payload,...)

    if you want access to wiki to update both this thread and the wiki glossary when adding new words, I can create you an account. (account creation is disabled for vandalism reason)
    Or maybe you can put a link to the wiki instead? one single place where more people can maintain.
    do like you prefer :)
    Last edited by Cyan, Sep 6, 2018
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  17. SirNapkin1334

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    Aug 20, 2017
    United States
    Oh, mods can create wiki accounts? Cool, I thought only tj and admins could make them. Tj made me an account.
  18. Adran_Marit

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    Oct 3, 2015
    I'll probably just add a link to it, as I doubt my sanity could take updating both XD
  19. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    yeah, sure, no problem.
    I think it'll be easier for everyone, you won't have to worry about the glossary and other people can update it.
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  20. Adran_Marit

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    Oct 3, 2015
    Link added at bottom of page :)
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