Such a disappointment

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    Jul 30, 2010
    I played through all of kingdom hearts final mix on proud mode just to fight riku ansem and the unknown(xemnas)
    riku's battle was fun and i had relived my childhood with the story but:
    The unknown is such a noob, i chose random abilities, random items and equipment with having kingdom key as my weapon and the default ones for donald and goofy.
    i'm level 100, only used dodge roll, sonic rave and cura (forgot to talk to belle again) used no summons and still beat him easily, am i doing something wrong?
    i thought he might be more challenging than Terra or No-Heart but it was just as easy as sephiroth(perhaps easier)...
    is this really supposed to be the hardest KH1FM boss?

    off topic: anyone wanna have a raid together on BBS FM via pro online?