Still possible to get replacement triggers for DSi?

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    So, another DSi has lost the right trigger / shoulder--no presses registered at all, ever. This is two DSis and three times I've had to get the triggers replaced. Unfortunately, now I don't have any left in warranty, so I need to know if anyone's had any success in badgering Nintendo into replacing triggers on out-of-warranty consoles, or if someone can point me to a decent site where I can buy the replacements myself.

    I've been to about five sites specializing in console repair, flashkarts, etc., and I can't find anyone who still has trigger parts. :/

    Also, if I do find a site with the trigger parts, will I need one of the tri-wing drivers? I've looked around for those, too, and most reviews of the drivers are terrible any place that has tri-wing drivers at all (Amazon, for instance).

    Thanks in advance!

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    doesn't nintendo extend the warranty if you send it in?
    either that or make a club nintendo acc and put your dsi code in
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