Square Enix News Round-up: Switch News, FF7 Remake Update, TWEWY, E3 2018, and more

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    I don´t game on PC but I understand what you are saying...
    I could play Xenoblade and Mario Oddysey while I wait... e-e

    The whole point of getting a Switch is this:
    It´s getting these games and I want some of them - and it has Nintendo
    games which I also want

    So - RPGs + Nintendo games

    Building a PC is expensive and I don´t like to play games on PC, I know
    some of these games are available on PC too...

    I think I´ll wait to see when they plan to release the games, thanks for
    the advice, Sonic Angel Knight and HaloElite (I could also buy one later
    on like you said but I´d still have to sell the PS4 to do so, thus why I´m asking...)
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Brb making a reddit post confirming TWEWY 3 too.

    Apparently reddit nobodies are a credible source now.
  3. Sonic Angel Knight

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    No one likes expensive stuff. But was just the idea of having said that would help make the decision noticeable. Most of the point I was making is that you have a game console with games to play now that been out for 4 years versus buying a new system with none of the games you would want has been released yet. While if you already had the money to buy the system and probably would have by now, you still would be playing the ps4 waiting for the switch to have the game you are expecting. :P

    Still you just have to remember anything is possible to change, ps4 could get a new rpg you want and now you have a switch you regret selling the ps4 for. Switch could get none of the intended games for any reason (cancelled, dropped, disagreements etc.) be sure sure you think about the situation first. They did announce secret of mana HD remake for ps4 in 2018, it is a rpg, Kingdom hearts as well also for ps4, none of this was said to be on switch. There is always still time to look up any info you need to know before you start having doubts about things. :)
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    It really isn't that expensive. Building a PC the power of the console is around the same price, give or take a bit could be cheaper or more expensive, but with all the money you spend on consoles, I'm sure that's enough for a beast gaming PC that has more games on that one platform than any amount of consoles you'll buy. PC's had games coming out on it forever, there's no, "new" PC or anything like that, it's all compatible with each other. You'll also be getting free online, very nice sales, better performance, piracy if you're into that, way better in things other than gaming where consoles are mostly gaming-oriented. Any controller support, keyboard and mouse for FPS, emulators, mods, etc. PC is definitely the choice!
  5. frankiekool

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Those rumors of 7 New Days back in march are making sense now...

    If TWEWY2 is actually announced for the Switch i'll be really excited to see how they take advantage of the Switch controlls. What i love about the Ds one is that is really took advantage of the DS screens
  6. Ricken

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    I so hope TWEWY 2 is real
    They better not butcher the soundtrack
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    I included it because the poster previously leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Injustice and was correct, which is an oddly specific thing to get correct. The post has been making the rounds lately, so it felt appropriate to include relevant Square Enix news from there in this post. Leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, of course.
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    Message became too big
    "sends PM instead"
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    TWEWY 2?! No way!
  10. Bladexdsl

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    god they are still doing that terrible FF VII remake? :glare:

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    ps4 are for weebs anyway they bringing all them weeb boob games the vita used to get onto it because the vita is DEAD :lol:
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    How come this post is not on the frontpage?
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    Final fantasy 7 won't come on the switch because if I'm correct doesn't Sony have the rights to that game since I think if I'm correct they helped make the original or were they just publishers. I think back than final fantasy 7 was suppose to come out to the n64 before it got cancelled and came to playstation.
  13. DKAngel

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    neir: automata on the pc did it for me: was a freakin epic game to play, havnt been immersed in a game like that for so goddarn long