Gaming Spirit Tracks Please Please Help!


Nov 22, 2009
In a Box Somewhere
hi i lost my save file on spirit tracks right after i finished the ocean temple i used ezflash v and 1.8 kernal does anybody know how to get my file back because i looked at many threads saying they lost there file here

OR can somebody give me a save file right after they finished the ocean temple plz plz plz


sorry if this is anoying or wrong topic etc. im noob

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    I mean for 1st party routers iirc linksys use to support it
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    ahhhh that I have no idea
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    pretty cool though if so
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Or from what ive heard ways to set custom imgs for 1st party routers so locked down now days
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    OPNsense VM and specs and specs of system it's running on.
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    I've turned more features on in OPNsense lately and it's getting kind of high on RAM usage, I see. Probably bump that up to 4GB soon
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    I wanna make a 8core router with support for 20gbps doesn't even sound that silly lol
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    I only have 1 gig internet but internally I have 10 gig connectivity for everything on my lan lol
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    fiber connection from my desktop PC back to my core network switch
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    2 port HPE SFP+ PCIE NIC in my desktop and all of my servers
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    silly shit
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    eventually this desktop is going to act as a server too, just for the hell of it. Because this PC is WAY fucking overkill for how little I use it.
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    And once I do that, my desktop OS that I interact with is just going to be a virtual machine and use GPU passthrough to connect everything
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    Send it to me ffs
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    No because it's my desktop lol
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    The most use this PC is getting right now is 979 Chrome tabs open right now
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    This is my desktop there are many like it but it is mine alone
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    Enabled PPPoE on router now no wifi connection lul
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    Anyone knows
    where is Juan?
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    Taken by the feet police
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    Horny jail?
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    It was a nationwide vote
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    That does look good
    BigOnYa @ BigOnYa: That does look good