Should I jail break my sons apple mini ?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by air2004, Jan 25, 2014.

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    I'm not sure if I should or not , I'm not an apple fan but my son has been wanting an apple tablet forever so I bought him one for Christmas , he is 6 years old . I am an android person , so I not what the pros and cons of rooting are , as for apple , I know what 1 of the pros would be as far as jail breaking goes , but I do have a few questions as I am not familiar with apple .

    1. Can I back reset it for when a new IOS comes out , I will be able to update it ?
    Like with android , just reload the stock rom , update , then re-root.

    2. How do I stop the shit that is loaded onto the mini , from appearing on my wifes phone ?

    3. If I jail break the tablet , will it affect my wifes account with apple ?
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    1) With a full restore / full format through iTunes (not the Settings app), you can reset to stock, yes.

    2) Turn off cloud sync, nothing from the iPad Mini will sync with the stuff on your wife's phone.

    3) Not if you turn off cloud sync.

    If you're jailbreaking for a six-year-old child to use, I suggest you buy (or "buy") AppLocker from Cydia (jailbroken version of App Store) to password protect the Settings and Cydia applications, so that your son doesn't mess with any important system settings/files and end up forcing you to reset it.
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    I wouldn't jailbreak it, as for most persons that are not using it to develop or have some experience deeper into the OS, they could potentially ruin device causing a you to need to restore the device, possibly loosing data. What is it that you wish to accomplish via jailbreaking? There are many workarounds in the jailed OS

    To answer your questions:
    1) You can reset it via itunes on a PC/Mac when iOS updates. The jailbreak will be removed and you will NEVER be able to downgrade, as there is no bootrom exploit for any device newer than the iPhone 4.

    2) Go into the settings application, find the iTunes/Appstore settings and set automatic downloads to off. (you do not need to be jailbroken)

    3)It shouldent affect your wifes iphone, unless your son purchases many in-app purchases (make sure password is enabled for IAP downloads)

    Good Luck!
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    I thank both of you for the quick response , I turned of the cloud , didn't know that was the problem lol. I was getting tired of her asking me why his stuff was appearing on her phone .
    I want to be able to do some side loading of apps , that is why I want to jail break his tablet . Plus uninstall stuff he will never use I believe. ( what that stuff is I don't know lol )
    2 other quick questions ,
    1. What should I not uninstall , if I do decide to break it ? (don't want to create any issues , and I would like to free up space and improve battery life )
    2. Is there an app like TB for the apple tablet ?
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    1. I wouldn't uninstall any stock apps since it might cause issues, however what you can do is hide those applications using an app from Cydia (Official jailbreak app store)
    2. No not really, you would need to do a backup on itunes or icloud (but you don't want to use that service)
    By backing up on itunes all you would be really doing is: storing app save data (such as game saves, and documents), images, contacts, basically everything you need but the system files.

    With Apple devices you can't simply restore to a previous firmware or state. Assuming you had a backup you would need to click restore and it will update to the latest firmware thats available and then it would restore everything you backed up.
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    By side loading you mean pirating apps, correct? Apple is very strict about that, so expect to get banned from iTunes and what not and ruining it for everyone.

    The ONLY thing I can think of jailbreaking an iOS device that would be worth it is adding functions that aren't there normally. The only reason I ever jailbroke my iPod Touch was to add screen cloning via the HDMI adapter. I suppose you could go with emulators as well, but in that case it would just be easier to sell the iPad Mini and get an Android tablet. Even a cheap POS. Can just load up emulators, no need to root the device.
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    Jailbreaking isn't the same as rooting Android. About the only use of jailbreaking iOS is to install non Apple software (Cydia), pirated games, or develop/test software on a device without paying the $99 fee.

    Another option is to purchase an UDID registration for around $10 a year.

    iOS doesn't really support the concept of uninstalling the stock apps. They're just part of the system.