Hacking Self host Henkaku your self.

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Self host HENkaku locally!

See: http://wololo.net/2016/08/04/henkaku-webserver-updated-host-henkaku-locally-server/
Download: https://github.com/meetpatty/HENkaku-webserver

"We talked recently about HENkaku-webserver, developer Meetpatty‘s initiative to create a locally-hosted version of HENkaku. Locally hosting HENkaku removes the needs for an internet connection when (re) installing the hack, and could also be useful in events like this one.

The feedback on this tool has been overall very positive, but people complained about a setup that wasn’t user friendly, and the “windows only” aspect of HENkaku-webserver so far.

Well, Meetpatty has dramatically simplified the setup phase, has the service now creates all the files it requires at startup.

HENkaku-webserver is still windows only (as it runs on Asp.net), but the developer said he is looking into converting the code to Node.js for the sake of the exercise, and to make it Mac/Linux compatible. Of course, the source is there, nothing’s preventing other developers to also have a look at it and bring the solution to other platforms"
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