SD card issues with Just Dance DLC on EMUNAND (NAND on HD)

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    May 29, 2014
    I created a NAND copy to my HD using Wiiflow so I could download all Just Dance DLC. I installed the DLC Hack via Wad Manager on the emulated NAND and the all DLC is enabled to download. In Just Dance 2014 iIwas able to download all DLC without issues, but on Just Dance 4 and 3 it gives some issues while scaning from SD:

    NAND created with Wiiflow and using usbloader GX to run games.

    Just Dance 4 (Partial NAND Emulation) = Game start normally but when I select DANCE menu, it keeps reading the SD card and wont let me play any song. (The game don't freeze, only stays on an infinite loading)

    Just Dance 4 (Full NAND Emulation) = Game start, I can play the songs from the game but can't access store. (No internet connection)

    Other thing. Without using NAND emulation Just Dance 4 I can download to the sd without issues but the problem is every time I play a song that is on the SD the game creates a copy on NAND. Anybody knows a way to override this? (Disable copy to NAND and only load the song from SD)


    Just Dance 3 (Partial NAND Emulation) = Can access store, download DLC but after downloading 10, 11 songs the game start to freeze on download and had to power off console. After that when checking the songs I downloaded on DANCE menu, the game freezes while scanning from SD.

    Just Dance 3 (Full NAND Emulation) = Can't access store because it says that is not connected (No internet connection)


    On Just Dance 3 with Partial Emulation I tried to copy the songs from the EMUNAND (NAND on the HD) to SD. Copied normally but when I tried to play them on the EMUNAND the game says that the SD card was disconnected and was unable to read the song.

    I tried later with Full Emulation, the game seems to read the files on SD but when I start a song the game freezes on a gray screen. I tried later to copy the DLC from the SD to EMUNAND via full emulation. it says that was unable to copy the file and suggested me to download the save from the store.

    I'm thinking of downloading the DLC of Just Dance 3 without using EMUNAND directly on the SD card as the game don't create copy to NAND while loading a song from SD.

    BTW. Thanks for reading :)