S8DS up to V0.7

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    Flubba's Sega 8-bit emulator for the DS is now at Ver 0.7

    V0.7 changes.
    *Fixed Super Tetris & Frogger proto when machine is set to "Auto".
    *Fixed PGA Tour Golf (low bits of VDP Stat not zero).
    *Changed palette buffering to middle of screen.
    *Changed default scale mode to "Scale To Fit".

    source: http://boards.teambadattitude.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=7129

    also V0.6 changes since the last post in homebrew news here is V0.5

    V0.6 changes.
    *Added option to turn off 3D display.
    *Fixed color/saturation setting for SG/Coleco games.
    *Fixed some bogus handling of the 3D display mode.
    *Fixed "Perfect Sprites" mode, should now be used as default.
    *Changed startup values for VDP regs 0,1 & 10, might break something.
    *Changed sound renderer to be more correct.
    *Removed PAL timing for GG.

    source: http://boards.teambadattitude.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=7122

    Bonus news:
    He's working on porting his PCE emulator to DS, just needs to get sound and scaling working before he releases it.

    source: http://boards.teambadattitude.co.uk/viewto...91&start=30