Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Confirmed

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    From Kotaku

    "It's round two for Rayman's Raving Rabbids and the onslaught of oddly-amusing mini-games. This time, Ubisoft is promising to go into more detail about the background of the Rabbids with a narrative about their world domination plans (did I mention that they're HQed under a mall?).

    The graphics look more polished this time round, and details on new mini games are a bit scarce. We know that one has 4 Rabbids strapped to lab tables, with electricity-throwing cathodes above them. Cue lots of screaming when they get zapped. Another one involves some Rabbids in some theater seats (naturally, they are wearing costumes like a Pirate, American Sport player, and one in bandages) talking on cellphones. Hopefully there will be some unique usages of the Wii remotes Speaker here.

    No telling when the release date will be, so don't go planning a Wii Party at your house unless you've got a copy of Mario Party 8 coming beforehand to use as a buffer. Feel free to swap dip recipes while you wait though."

    Would rather have a new platformer as I enjoyed Rayman 1 & 2 but there you go thats me.