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    Lali ho, ladies gentleman and...uhh, others. I can't keep track any more. Have a quick question or two regarding the PS Classic mini console thing. I have one on its way in the mail so I figured I'd download the ROMs now but I'm new to a lot of this so...

    1, Every video I watched researching how to hack the thing used their game files in BIN/CUE format, but the files I found are in CCD/IMG/SUB. Can Bleemsync or whatever use these files, and if not how do I convert them into something it can read?

    2, I know not to ask for ROM links, don't worry, not gonna. All I want to know is if there was ever a rip of the PS1 version of Snowboard Kids, as I understand it called SnoBo Kids Plus, was only in Japan I think. I've searched all the usual places to no avail and google was alarmingly unhelpful since it just leads to the N64 version. Is it actually possible to play this game on the Classic through any known means?

    Thanks for the help.
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    1. Search for an internet archive of some sort for "Redump" images, they are 100% clean images and come in bin/cue file format.

    2. Yes, Snobow Kids Plus was only released in Japan, however, you should be able to find it on an internet archive of some sort and it should be playable on the PSC.
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