1. Seriel

    OP Seriel Doing her best

    Aug 18, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Was tweaking the customisation of my portal/homepage of GBAtemp today, but I noticed that the blocks I was putting in places weren't staying in the correct location, and instead moving about seemingly randomly whenever I saved.

    I use Firefox as my main browser, and I tested it in Chrome and can't seem to reproduce it so I assume it's either a Firefox thing or something unique to my browser setup. Would appreciate if fellow Firefox users can verify this so I know whether I'm going crazy or not.

    Here it is in action, I moved some blocks around and upon refresh they move of their own accord:

    Since recording that gif I decided to try just pressing Save without any changes and sure enough they all jumbled up into the wrong places again. Quite strange.
  2. The Real Jdbye

    The Real Jdbye Always Remember 30/07/08

    Mar 17, 2010
    I've been using Firefox for a long time and I haven't had any issues like that.
    It's hard to tell where the gif starts and ends so I don't really get much useful out of it. Otherwise I'd try to reprodue the issue for you. If you tell me the exact steps to reproduce the issue, I can try to reproduce it for you, and it will be easier for staff to fix.
    Just making sure, you did save changes right?
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