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  • How can calling an Idiot such be an insult? Since when was stating facts forbidden? Maybe its without tact, but still.
    You know, i totally agree. It is used as an Excuse very often. That upsets me too. But i still think that actually stating facts shouldnt be counted as an offense. Although i have to admit, actually proving that it is a fact that someone is an Idiot is difficult because there are no standards to measure them against.
    And there never will be a standard for such because that would proof the fact that more then half the people are in fact idiots.

    What i also find very upsetting is that no one can see the difference between being an idiot and being dumb or uneducated.

    -Being dumb is to keep it simple mostly the inability to come to the right conclusion through logic.
    -Being uneducated is to keep it simple the absence of the knowledge of the right logic to come to the right conclusion.

    -While being an idiot its simply said, having the ability and the knowledge to come to the right conclusion, but actually still taking another conclusion for a fact as long as it supports ones own opinion.
    Its unbelievable how many Idiots there are but stating that fact to one is still considered an Insult.
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