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    Feb 6, 2021
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    I have filed a complete index of "editable" US/UM BGM -- almost all files in the romfs/data/sound directory except for some short sound effects and cutscene sounds which are not ideal objects to edit -- see attached file.

    Below is a tutorial of creating and replacing in your custom BGM. Note that it is not a new discovery, but I choose to rephrase the process in case anyone would need:
    1. In Adobe Audition (or any audio format transformer you are familiar with):
    · Import your source music, in "Save as" menu, change output format to .wav, 2 channel, 16bits.
    · Change sampling rate to either 44100Hz for higher quality, or 32728Hz for smaller volume.
    2. In BrawlBox:
    · Choose drop menu "File - New - Audio - BRSTM Audio Stream" and then select your transformed material.
    · Enable "Loop" and test with start & end loop points. The "*" button sets the point at current playing location, and ↑↓ buttons move it by 14 samples.
    · It usually takes an initial approximate locating; then rough adjustments by ↑↓ buttons; and finally accurate tuning to gain a smooth looping.
    · Encode and save to get a .brstm file.
    3. In BRSTMConversionTool:
    · Set "limit bytes on" according to your need in window "Quality".
    · Enable "Loop start ..." (no need to imput start/end point here) in window "Loop".
    · Choose a gain factor (enhance rate) in window "Volume".
    - You can compare with original bcstm files for a concept of "appropriate amplitude"
    - 32728Hz should generally be as load, while 44100Hz plays lower in game so should be made to sound about 50% loader.
    · Transforms the .brstm to a .bcstm file.
    4. Look up the Index list to find the corresponding origianl file under romfs/data/sound. Rename your .bcstm (do not mix with .brstm!) accordingly and substitude into the category.
    Caution: File size of your final pack should not exceed 4GB! Disregard if you publish in the form of mod.

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    Apr 11, 2020
    Nice! But it's hard to imagine how big music files make the final size of the game exceed 4G. :rofl2:
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