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Ok i would like to talk about video game comparison problems ok... i see videogame reviewers and other people do graphic comparsions videos on youtube and other sites. now it irritates me a lil but its ok but the reason why it irritates me? because why would you do a comparison of a ps3,xbox,360 with a pc??? everybody should know pc graphics are better than the consoles and i see comments like the pc are destroying the xbox 360/ps3 consoles with their video cards so i had to respond. now [correct me if im wrong] the orginal xbox360 and the orginal ps3 came out like in 2005/2006 the xbox360 slim came out in 2010 and the ps3 slim came out in 2009 with new hardware but with same graphics they had in 06 what did you expect you expect it to be ultra high but as far as i know... their should'nt even be a comparsion against the pc cause it will start a fanboy war... now im done with this subject next stop... look below lol

and now for the ps3/ xbox360 comparison now some people say xbox360 has better graphics and the ps3 has better graphics they both do. but you got to understand [heres my opinion] it the depends on how the makers of the game do it they do it for the ps3 and the 360 brightness and darkness. [to me when my eyes look at a game] if the game is a little Tab!!! of dark i can see the texture of anybody or openworld from anygame but if i see a little Tab!!! of light i can see well but i can't see the texture or really have a good openworld experience of the game only a lil bit but also i think that depends on what kind of tv you got. if you want to see better i have 1080p hdtv rca and i can see games well but when i see a game is bright i can't see but anyway it really depends on brightness or darkness sometimes i don't really care for graphics but some times i do but it depends on certain games i like but that is just my whole done session is over!!! lol


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While I do agree comparing a PC games graphics to current consoles can be a bad comparison some games play better and or look better on consoles because companies do half ass ports. Grand Theft Auto and Dead Island being a example of being a game that plays worse so such comparisons hold merit since they might point things like that out. Some sites only do console comparisons which you already know and sometimes it can be pick your poison. Honestly the 360 games being to dark can usually be changed via TV settings or in the game's settings so I don't know why people bring that up so much.

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I thought there were some GTA IV mods that made it look super pretty? Not that it's part of the core game but it's just one way PC gamers can get an edge.

But yeah, generally it's PC > PS3 > Xbox 360 although the Xbox 360 gets better looking multiplats between it and the PS3 and it has a few other advantages (like no necessary installs and faster loading).

I don't think it really cares though, if enough care is put into a multiplat for the 3 platforms and each port is given some TLC, they're usually not much of a stone's throw away from each other.
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Because PC is superior, next-gen, master race, etc.

But in multiplats, it's typically PC > 360 > PS3 unless devs decide to completely half-ass the PC port (even in that case, the ports would then be equivalent to the PS360 version).

As for PS3/360 ports, they're generally pretty close to each other with the 360 version being better in performance and visuals most of the time thanks to the PS3's RAM and sub-par GPU).

But then there are extreme scenarios such as Bayonetta for the PS3 (ran at ~30FPS vs. 60 on the 360 with worst visuals).

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