Partitioning and formatting external drive

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    Aug 16, 2013
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    I have a 1tb hard drive that i have used for a while with USB Loader GX. I had it formatted to Fat32 and it worked just fine, no issues for GC or Wii games. I added a partition to my drive that is not partitioned into Fat32. I designated 200gb in Fat32 to the wii, and the other 800gb to my personal use. I also made sure that the first partition on my drive was for the wii. When i plugged it into my wii, all my gamecube games were gone. I was able to add my gamecube games back in by changing the path but it won't run them because they "aren't located on the main partition." This is confusing me considering the first partition on my drive is for the wii but when i do custom paths it says that the partition is usb 2. This is only happening with GC games, wii games run just fine. How can I fix this problem?