Old Wii bricked back in June 2011

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    Jul 9, 2012
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    Back in June 2011, I bricked my old wii. I tried to upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0 and i forgot that on my old wii that had no IOS60 installed, it installs a stub IOS60 after I upgrade. I installed a system menu 4.0 wad with wad manager. The wii is bricked for good. I can't access prilloader cause it was removed after I installed a system menu 4.0. I also tried a savemiifri and savemii dongle and it didn't work.

    Is the bluetooth module damaged? Do I need to replace the module?

    Any Ways Is there anything I can do to get my old wii fixed?
  2. JN_big3

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    Oct 1, 2011
    The Bluetooth module of your Wii is surely not damaged. It has nothing to do with the brick of your Wii.

    If you have the NAND backup of your Wii, you can get someone like DeadlyFoez to reflash your Wii.