New HTC VIVE trackers announced for facial and body movements

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HTC has announced two new devices that joins its HTC VIVE VR ecosystem. First we have the VIVE Facial Tracker which can track 38 facial movements across the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, chin, and cheeks. Paired with a VIVE Pro Eye, it can offer a whole-face tracking experience. The company says that with this new accessory, lip movements accompany voice with almost-zero latency and has opened its SDK for developers. You can find more specs details below:

  • Near-zero latency: With sub-10 milliseconds response time, lip movements accompany voice audio.
  • Dual cameras: Capture full lower-face motion from all angles with accuracy.
  • IR illumination: Infrared illumination helps you maintain reliable and accurate tracking even in low light conditions.
  • Unity and Unreal Engine support: Freedom to create. Our SRanipal SDK for VIVE Facial Tracker supports both Unity and Unreal Engine.
  • Compatibility: Pair with VIVE Pro Eye for the ultimate whole-face tracking experience. Compatible with other models in the VIVE Pro series.
  • Optimized runtime: Explore the full potential of this next frontier of VR with an optimized runtime for eye and face tracking.
  • USB-C connector: Facial tracker seamlessly integrates with your current kit. No need for add-ons or adaptors.
  • High tracking FOV: Don't miss a single gesture. Wide-angle tracking means you get the whole picture.
  • 60 Hz tracking rate: Read facial expressions in real-time thanks to high fidelity tracking for lifelike interactions.

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The other device announced is the third generation of the VIVE Tracker. Version 3.0 boasts up to 75% increased battery life, 15% reduction in weight, and 33% smaller footprint than previous generation VIVE Trackers. It also allows for 204 degree FOV tracking and can capture full-body movement with "pinpoint accuracy".

These new peripherals will be available starting March 10 with the VIVE Facial Tracker costing £129/€139 and the VIVE Tracker 3.0 is similarly priced at £129/€139. We haven't seen these been put in use in games yet, but they could deliver a more immersive VR experience once implemented.

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Feb 4, 2020
United States
Personally I’d wait until people actually start implementing support for this into their games.
Naturally VRchat will likely be one of those games- but still.
And to be honest- I don’t see the appeal of lip tracking in any single player games besides a tiny bit more immersion with mirrors
But still
It’s a step foward!
I'm acutally suprised VRChat doesn't support individual finger movement through ALVR, but, eh, I use NeosVR anyways.
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