Hacking NDS lite- top screen very faded but LCD fine!

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Hi- Ive been repairing DSs for people semi-professionally for a while now but I just got one today that has me totally stumped. The top screen is very faded and looks like a standard top screen repair job. BUT I have tried my replacement LCD screen (which I have tested on a different DSL) and the problem remains but thsi time the image on the top screen is different it appears this time as very black-

the DS is not usable liek this- any suggestions?

Ive tried adjusting the pots by the SL1 contact but nothing- ive tried 2 different screens- nothing. Any ideas?

The connector looks fine by the way...

all help appreciated!


scrtmstr said:
maybe the screen isn't getting enough power, i have never heard of this problem before.
thats what I thought- hence the pots- but no avail!
it was strange- it was intermittent problem- the strange thing is its not the screen- and it doesnt seem to be a loose connection or a bad plug...

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