My fully painted (purple) switch: Joycons, tablet, buttons, polished rails, dock (white), decals etc

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    I know this color scheme isn't for everybody, but this switch is being "gifted" to my girl and she LOVES this color and I do like it A LOT and have no problems with it :)
    This is my second modded switch, its the one I test things on, great screen but the body has seen better days. there are little cracks here and there but its the one that if I brick.. its no biggie. So during the paint process if I messed it up... no big deal but since everything came out good, now I'll be doing my good one at some point in the future.

    In some pics the decals may look a little blue-er than purple , but they're almost identical in color to the tablet/joycons, its just the lighting at certain angles that makes them look more blueISH.

    I need to take better pics, but for now:







    Here's some info for those interested:

    1. This whole process took about 18 hours or so over the span of 16 days

    2. For BEST results, the paint requires a WEEK to properly bond onto the plastic! I did 8 days.

    3. Everything that I painted has at LEAST 4 to 6 layers of paint with 4 to 6 layers of clear coat matte, on top of that

    4. I bought the buttons set already painted in white from amazon, it includes everything EXCEPT the: minus, plus, home and snapshot buttons. Those I painted myself and by chance the white paint I used for the dock matched the white of the buttons exactly!

    5. I sanded down everything with 180 grit, followed by 320 grit and then 1000 grit sandpaper. In some cases like for polishing some of the screws i just used the 1000 and it was fine.

    6. The joycon rails are aluminum so they can be polished. Had to sand down like everything else then used polishing paste that I had laying around that I use on my cars (for aluminum and chrome) to finish it off.

    7. The screws on the back of the joycons and the 4 on the back of the back cover of tablet are replacement screws in stainless steel which I had laying around and fit perfect. All others were polished.

    8. The hardest thing to do: taking apart the tablet and taping it off. Taping off the front requires an exacto knife and a steady hand so you don't scratch anything and trim it just right.

    9. The easiest: the dock. EASY to take apart, the pieces are big and easy to paint. You just need to figure which parts are seen and which are not and you don't need to paint those

    10. LOTS of patients x1000000000000000 is required and equally as much general common sense (if not more)! Those 2 things are the MOST important things even before taking out the first screw. You will need to deal with whatever challenges pop up and they will!! Including keeping hairs, dust and little fiber particles off the paint!

    My supplies:

    * 1 can each of : Rust-oleum american accents 2x paint + primer in .. Gloss purple, Matte white and Matte clear. Walmart has a ton of these colors you can choose from at the store or online.

    * 4 to 5 sheets of sandpaper in 180, 320 and 1000 grit

    * white button set off of amazon from a store called extremerate (I think)

    * various decals from a guy on ebay whose one of the best sellers I've dealt with on ebay in almost 20yrs of being on there.

    * painter's mask, chemical gloves, I got a bunch of those free priority mail boxes they have at post office the medium and large ones and put those on the ground flat to put the pieces on to paint them and it worked great. Polishing paste,
    Exacto knife, blue frog tape, various tools in various sizes like tri-wing, philips and flat tipped screwdrivers, tweezers, regular clear tape , paint thinner...etc etc I happened to have most of this stuff already because of what I do so for me it wasn't a problem.

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    Looks great, nice work.
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    Is it possible to use the stick from the Pokéball?
    They are white.
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