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Nov 21, 2005
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Region free by the looks of things. Note that is is not due for about two weeks<br/>

This one flew under my radar or perhaps is early enough to have come before it (I usually try to keep track of the motorbike games).<br/> The lack of local splitscreen might be a dealbreaker for some but MX vs ATV has changed somewhat in recent years from the xbox and early 360 games not to mention the franchise has been shuttered ( ) and although deformable terrain probably means smaller tracks it might be worth a look in light of that. Still the team is responsible for the SBK series of bike racing games and World Rally Championship.<br/>

Website blurb
The only videogame that exclusively features the MX1 and MX2 championships, comprehending all the teams and all the world-wide-known bikers and the amazing 2011 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. Pure and freestyle Motocross you have never seen before!<br/>
A high value license: 3 official competitions (MX1, MX2 and MxoN championships); 12 locations and all the sponsors of the 2011 championship; 32 official teams between MX1 and MX2; 84 real riders.<br/>
Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations 2011: 16 national teams, 48 riders and bikes (with all the suits and liveries of the different national teams) including worldwide champions of the United States.<br/>
Personal competition finishes when the round begins!<br/>
MUD World Tour: live the whole MUD experience through the life of special characters: the HEROES! Face a quantity of different levels and various types of events and demonstrate how keen you are on rising up the Motocross world!<br/>
Monster Energy Trick Battle Mode: 30 different tricks in 3 spectacular arenas, since "Motocross" also means Freestyle!<br/>

Incredible artistic style, studied and realized directly from Milestone's graphic department<br/>
Advanced motorbike physics and animation<br/>
Real-time terrain Deformation<br/>
Photo Mode<br/>
Online ranking system<br/>
Real motorbikes sounds<br/>
Q and A from the website<br/>
Will it be possible to disable the Scrub UI? I find it annoying!<br/>
Yes! First of all we're making it less intrusive than what can be seen in current movies, then it'll be possible to leave it as it is, or disable it altogether.<br/>
Will I be able to perform tricks during a race?<br/>
You'll be doing scrubs or whips, we've decided to separate races and trick mode In a clear way. During races you'll have some real hard time beating the AI ( or human, in online modes) riders, and we didn't want to stick to the usual arcade cliché of "pull tricks for boost" of so many other games. Instead, scrubbing is the only "trick" that gives you some advantage also in real life, in fact speaking with some MX riders we discovered that when they perform it in the right way they can gain important time and so we replicated it in the game. Don't worry though, your trick skills will be deeply tested in the Trick Battle arenas!<br/>
Will I be able to customize my rider? Is there some real gear to be equipped?<br/>
In the "MUD world tour" you'll be able to customize several aspects of your heroes: remember that you'll always race in 100% official teams, along with the real champions, so you'll be able to customize what they can too: you'll choose your helmet among real gear from well known manufacturers ( FOX, Airoh, UFO..) and also other items have to be chosen, earned and equipped. From the energy drink to every single trick, to the rider skills upgrades, there's plenty to customize in MUD.<br/>
Finally, we've added also other real world gear ( jerseys, pants..) both to be used in standard races and trick battles, again from your favorite brands (Thor, FOX..) and the trick bikes have some cool official liveries too!<br/>
How many riders in online modes? How many game modes there will be?<br/>
12 players will compete online in standard races and Motocross of Nations. In this last mode, you'll choose the nation and play 3 races in a row with different classes ( MX1, MX2, Open). Optionally you'll be able to activate AI riders also in online modes, so you'll be free to mix up humans and CPU riders at will.<br/>
Is there a local multiplayer mode?<br/>
No, adding a splitscreen mode would have imposed some compromises to keep up with the double rendering at the same time. We've chosen to maximize the visual quality and the online experience instead.<br/>
Is there a double analog stick control?<br/>
Rider controls are based on the left stick, including weight shift, for some real good reasons. We didn't want to downright imitate some other well know MX games, we've come up with a completely new and refreshing bike handling approach, with new gameplay dynamics, and a new feeling. Also, because during the race the player will be required to press some buttons, we held some playtesting sessions to stress different joupad layouts, and we discovered that it would have been uncomfortable to use also the right stick. By the way, on the right analog you'll be able to change the camera angle anytime in a free way getting some spectacular views.<br/>
Are the track layouts real? What about the environments?<br/>
We've started from the 3D layouts of the real tracks, we've been authorized from the licensor to make some changes, but the starting point is reality. For the surrounding environment we went a bit “wilder” adding some cool visuals, especially on the trick battle arenas, that are so crazy to deserve an official Monster Energy endorsement!<br/>
In some old videos the animations are a bit stiff! What can we expect in the final game?<br/>
Don't forget that all the material you've seen is still "in development": rider movements are the result of both standard animations and dynamic physics attached to his body. So, it's a pretty complex system that models postures, weight shifts, bump reactions and so on. We're aware that it's extremely important for an MX game and it has already improved a lot ( and you'll see soon!)<br/>
Tell me more about the trick battles!<br/>
In MUD world tour we've added a spectacular game mode called "trick battle". You'll compete in trick-only challenges where in a fixed time you'll have to pull out tricks like crazy. Making combos in the air, avoiding to fall and choosing the most complex tricks will set the score on fire, for the most spectacular events in MUD. It will take place in 6 arena layouts settled in 3 super-cool locations ( the deck of an airplan carrier ship, a Czech republic castle, and an island in the Grand Canyon) featuring 30 real tricks. Using the right stick during the jumps you can have a 360° view of your trick and take a picture of it thanks to the photo mode.<br/>
I have seen that there is a game mode called " MUD World Tour". How does it works exactly?<br/>
In addition to the official Game Mode, which allows us to address the real drivers and team championship, we have included a World Tour mode where the player can manage an entire group of heroes, along more than 50 different events, divided into 15 separate chapters. During the MUD World Tour, players can spend points earned to improve the skills of the heroes, collect special cards that allow you to equip energy drinks, teams, tricks and other key aspects of the mode. It's a mode where everything is allowed in order to reach the final challenge: the Motocross of Nations!<br/>
Are you planning to have some DLCs?<br/>
Yes, we already planned 3 DLCs but… it is too early to speak about this now!<br/>
In the videos you've posted the sound of the bike is not realistic, are you planning to improve this important feature?
All the sounds come from original bikes recorded directly from our sound engineer and in game they sound much more realistic than in a video. We're working to improve the "punch" of the samples, too.<br/>
Are terrains deformable in MUD?<br/>
Yes of course, tracks feature permanent deformation along all the course, and deformation will have an impact on the bike handling. Every track has a different setup, modeling hard terrains, soft ones, mud, sand <br/>



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▀ ■ P R E S E N T S : ▄■

MUD FIM Motocross World Championship (c) Black Bean Games


Region : Region Free Languages: English
▄ Size : 01 x DVD Genre : Racing ■
■ Platform : XBOX 360 Date : April 2012 ▄
▄ ■

Release Info: ▀

The only videogame that exclusively features the MX1 and MX2 championships,
comprehending all the teams and all the world-wide-known bikers and the
amazing 2011 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. Pure and freestyle
Motocross you have never seen before!

Incredible artistic style, studied and realized directly from

Milestone's graphic department

Advanced motorbike physics and animation

Real-time terrain Deformation

Photo Mode

Online ranking system

Real motorbikes sounds


▄ ■
■ Enjoy This Fine COMPLEX Release ▄
▄ ■▄ bmx!

RLS-Crc: 46545F2E6E6C5F5F5F5F6727735F73697465


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