More El Shaddai Incoming?

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Guild McCommunist, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Guild McCommunist

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    May 6, 2009
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    The Danger Zone

    A teaser site for El Shaddai, last year's game of biblical proportions, opened up, possibly eluding to a sequel or DLC for the artistic game.

    The site (which can be viewed below, but it is in Japanese) roughly translates to "Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of?" under "Coming Soon". However, how these five character (seen above) can relate to this is unknown.

    El Shaddai (full name El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron) comes from character designer Takeyasu Sawaki, known for his character development in Devil May Cry and Okami. The game is roughly based off the Book of Enoch and follows Enoch, a priest trying to find seven angels to prevent a great flood.

    Whatever this teaser could mean is unknown, and no time frame on a reveal has been placed. However, one can assume it will come soon.

    :arrow: Source
    :arrow: Teaser Site (Japanese)
  2. Langin

    Langin HI! ^O^

    Jul 29, 2008
    The Hague
    I loved El Shaddai it is a great game also
  3. Gahars

    Gahars Bakayaro Banzai

    Aug 5, 2011
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    New Jersey
    I heard that the original game hadn't performed very well, so this is a bit of a surprise.
  4. Qtis

    Qtis Grey Knight Inquisitor

    Feb 28, 2010
    The Forge
    Looking at the gameplay videos and reviews of the first game, this could be something I could like. Priced at £12.50 I'm tempted to order :P
  5. Foxi4

    Foxi4 On the hunt...

    Global Moderator
    Sep 13, 2009
    Gaming Grotto
    I have no idea what this game is about but I see:

    • 1.
    • Pirates
      2. Ninjas
      3. Samurais
      4. Boobs

    ...making it one of my priority purchases all of a sudden.
  6. FAST6191

    FAST6191 Techromancer

    pip Reporter
    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    I finally managed to get my hands on a copy earlier this evening and so far it is pretty good. It is in the rather unfortunate position to be being playing alongside ninja gaiden 3 right now (so far they tweaked it that little bit towards arcade style to great effect) but it looks like it will hold.
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