modified icon for minna no sukkiri HBL

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    Apr 26, 2008
    first i'd like to mention that the way this particular game is built, my download link does NOT contain any game data and the game itself is a free demo anyway, so there should be no problems regarding copyrighted contents.


    i don't like stuff in my xmb not being what they say they are, so i decided to mod the minna no sukkiri icon and xmb background.
    i also included the background as a separate png file in case you want a matching menu.
    i tested it before uploading and it works fine.
    the background.png is only tested in visualmenu.

    i also changed the text displayed in information and in folder view modes to "Half-Byte Loader"
    and i added(by request) a version with an 80x80 icon(size used by minis and PSN-PSX games)

    click the preview image to download.
    note: this mod will only work with minna no sukkiri, don't try it on the golf games or patapon demo.
    other people did make similar mods for the patapon demo.