Mario Luigi Partners in time freezes when saving

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I have an acekard 2.1 and I've been having issues when playing this game and when it comes to the point of saving. The game freezes and the message saying that I should not turn off the DS or take out the game appears endlessly. The only thing that I need to do next is turn off or autoreset the game and load it again. The savefile just made is there, so I continue my game from there. I just don't know why it freezes like that. I disable the autoreset and download play functions and still the problem persists.
    I read somewhere that maybe it is a firmware problem. That if I download AKAIO, the problem will stop ... but I'm not sure.
    Anyone has had a problem like that before? And if so, what was your solution?

    EDIT: I don't know how to delete threads/posts made by one, but if any mod read this, feel free to delete this thread. I already downloaded the latest AKAIO version and the problem ceased. =)