M3 GBA Ram Expansion compatibility

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  1. Robika

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Hey guys I just got a DS lite to fix and it has a GBA Rom expansion from the M3 Real and I was wonderin Which flashcards are compatible with this expansion card? I know TTDS, is but is R4 SDHC compatible? Sorry to bother but can't seem to find anything about this.
  2. Gyron

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    Dec 10, 2014
    I have a few of these M3 GBA Expansion packs, and only the card I've come across which supports it natively is my M3 DS Real. You can of course use it via GBA ExpLoader, so technically it works with any slot-1 flashcard. I've tested it using GBA ExpLoader with my R4i Gold 3DS RTS (r4ids.cn) and DSTwo, and it works fine. The Wood and AKAIO kernels don't support it natively like the they do the EZ 3in1, but YSMenu does. So if you're using YSMenu as your primary kernel on something like a DSTT, R4i-SDHC, R4, R4 Ultra etc, you could use the M3 Expansion in a native sort of way without any additional measures. You wouldn't get the RTS and cheat functions of TouchPod/Sakura though.
    It's actually a pretty decent card to own for GBA gaming on a DS/DS Lite. 32mb of PSram and RTC, it pretty much covers everything.
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