Is there a way to change a game's music to one in streaming format?

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    I would like to make a small rom hack of the Ace Attorney DS trilogy that switches the music for the versions included in the Gyakuten Saiban Sound Box. I know the DS is capable of running such thing because you can do it trough moonshell. Is there any way run them trough the game?
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    Sort of.
    The DS sound format that Nintendo pushed, and the vast vast majority of devs used in the vast vast majority of DS games, was what we know as the SDAT format and it does indeed have a streaming option that usually gets called STRM. However if the game does not use it, and I have looked at the games some time back and even used them in a guide and most of the music is actually using the SSEQ sequenced format in the ones I looked at, then the STRM functionality seems to get stripped out by the compiler.
    The audio decoding hardware is still there though so you can add your own streaming stuff in if you are willing to hack it in ( covers some interesting things if you are heading down that path) and there are other workarounds if you are really a cowboy; we have seen people abuse sample banks to generate what is effectively a whole song using them by splitting the thing up, don't do it for a proper production hack though.
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