In SysNand, turn off wifi/nfc - go into CFW its off as well. Nand Linked?

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  1. pracola88

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    Aug 12, 2016
    Hi All,

    Just wondering if im 100% unlinked my Sysnand and my Emunand. I made sure I unlinked it by using tinyformat to format the Emunand and even completed the inital welcome setup. It should be unlinked however when im in Sysnand and i turn off the wifi (so it doesnt update), i go back into CFW (reinand) and wifi/NFC its switched off as well.

    My understanding is that if its unlinked its completely separate? - make a change in Sysnand and it doesnt migrate across to Emunand? I dont want to update my Emunand CFW or with NNID and have any issues.

    Is there a good way to check? Does this sound normal to you guys?
  2. zoogie

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    Nov 30, 2014
    Micronesia, Federated States of
    Wifi status is stored on your nor flash which is on your wifi chip. That is common to both sysnand and emunand.

    edit: a good way to check linkage is to see if you can set different themes on each nand type. If they're still linked, the theme will be the same.
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