I think Switch console corrupt other signal

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Between three female furries
    I recently moved my switch dock from my living room to my bed room
    the switch dock is right before the right-lower corner of my tv
    late yesterday, my switch needed to be recharged, so i put it on the dock
    later, i went to sleep, so i tryed to turn off tv but i couldn't, I though my remote was low on battery, so i turned it off with button on tv side

    but this morning i took my switch off my switch, then turned my tv on with remote, everything was fine, no problem at all
    is it possible that when the switch is too close to the tv, it corrupt remote signal?
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    Mar 17, 2010
    It's probably due to the HDMI-CEC support of the Switch. It's used for automatically powering on the TV when the Switch is powered on, but different TVs respond differently to its presence.
    For example, my brothers TV will switch to the Switch input automatically and not let you change it while the Switch is on and connected, whereas my TV doesn't do that.
    You can disable HDMI-CEC in the Switch settings if it bothers you. The setting is just called something like "turn on the TV when the Switch is turned on"
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    It can't interfere with your remote as its infra-red. You likely just covered the IR sensor on your TV with the switch.
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