i guess this is the question to all new ps3 buyers

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    through reading, i think i can assume that a jailbreak can play any non 3.5 ps3 games w/ the exception of a few , but as far as buying a ps3 and jailbreak to play all the new move games , they sc rewed us so the question is can we patch the new 3.5 games to think they are running on 3.41 or is this 3.5 going to be a bitch to counter. it seems to me that after jailbreak, sony patched w/ 3.5 pretty quick so did they just disable the usb port from working as a quick fix or will this be hard to counter thanks
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    Read the reply I posted in your other thread.
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    There won't be a solution for 3.50 for some time. The immediate response from Sony was 3.42, but since 3.42 games were created with the 3.41 SDK patches were able to surface by editing the PARAM.SFO. And later, with 3.50, early games still used lower SDKs and workarounds included using another eboot.bin or a retail patch.

    At the moment, the only way that 3.50 games will work is to actually update to 3.50, however you cannot jailbreak at this firmware, and you'll only be ably to play with the original copy. We can't just fool the ps3 into thinking we are at 3.50 because the games require the 3.50 SDK.