Hacking How to Fakesign?

Dr Awesomo

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Jan 20, 2010
Having recently bought RB3, I had to start a wii system update in order for it to actually work (There's no workaround. You can skip the update, but then it whizzes from the air and explodes into a heap of burning pieces..no really, just the 002 error), so I did.

Now, before you stare me down, I was aware previous IOS modifications would be comprimised, but I didn't want to preserve as many as I had wanted to get rid of, so I ran it anyways.

However, there was one thing I wanted to to keep, that I'd like to get back: playing customs in RB2.

Historically, I've only gotten this to work on an earlier version of IOS 37, and used DOP-Mii to install it everytime I needed it (Which was often, since RiiVolution demands the latest version to function). However, in order for me to make that happen, I need an IOS capable of fakesign, and in order to have DOP-Mii install that fakesign to say, IOS36, it needs one of many availale IOSes to have the capability of downgrading.

So my question is (although, I've done it before, and just can't recall) how do I go abouts setting everything up so that this may go smoothly?

I wish to do a few things when all is said and done...

- Play RockBand 3, with all my DLC functioning, and a continued ability to use the DLC store without a hitch
- Play RockBand 2, with all my customs functioning
- Other experimental goals that really, I suppose I could live without, but won't ask about them unless there's a problem

Suffice it to say, thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated

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