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Mar 25, 2014
The Lake, Kalos Region
United States
Today, in celebration of 2 years 5 months and 18 days on the temp, and because Crystal and Dinoh made threads, I will make helpful guide which is blatently and shamelessly copied... on how to CIAwesome526. Using this guide, you may one day CIAwesome, like I do. I hope this helpful.

First: Be nondescript. Say you Sylveon, mostly be a goat, be obsessed with Vinscool.
Second: Be obsessed with Vinny. If your life isn't consumed by the desire to Vinny, then you must Vinny.
Third: Vinscool.
Fourth: You must sexualy Identify as Vinscool himself.
Five: Make blogs because you are most likely high or drunk or because fuck you that's why.
Six: Become memes, because memes
Seven: Own too much nudes of vinscool
Eight: Only use cracked Operating systems. If you paid for OS, you paid to be Pathetic
Nine: Get vinny's nudes every week few minutes because Vinscool.
Ten: Use Scale of Goats to measure greatness of things.
and finally 11: Spend so much time on Temp, that you are most likely 4/3 of their ad revenue.

With simple steps, you too will one day CIAwesome!
This was a sad attempt.

Hate me if you want, i dont care.
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