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Jan 15, 2009
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Hello I have a question how can I change the music in Pokemon D/P to a song that I like. Like I want to change the video that they have in the beggining when you just turn on the game to one of the Pokemon Theme ( from the Anime. Or if you can't do that at least like, not change the video let the video of it be the same, but the change the song of that video to one of the songs of the Pokemon Themes from the Anime. I want also to change the song at the end of the Pokemon League when you finish the video I also want to change the song there to one of the Anime songs. So let me tell you the songs I want for the Pokemon Game.

In the beggining of the game were it shows you the Map of all the citys: Pokemon Johto League (thats the song I want)
After the League when you kill the last guy: Pokemon Advance
While battling the Champion of the Elite 4 Cynthia: Pokemon:Master Quest

Those are the songs I want please can you make those songs. Or at least teach me how to change the Music of the game but I hope you guys can do it for me since I suck in these kind of stuff. Also this has to be for Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Diamond anyone

You can either make them just be the song or in the begining the video it self instead of that crappy one were it doesn't even do anything and just show you the stupid places on top view.

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