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The Female Mistaken for a Male.
Sep 14, 2009
United States
Hey there are some homebrew box arts that don't get included in DSision2 and don't exist, so i'll make them!

Whatever box arts you can't find or don't have, i'll make them and add them to a list. I'll even remake ones that look done in paint.

Here's the list (in pic form) of box arts i've done so far:


Remember, these box arts have to be named *name of rom*.nds.png when you use them.... But they're better than nothing, yes?

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    I didn't care for that one so much, but didn't play it much either.
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    I just played little of "Still Wakes The Deep" , just came to gamepass today, its alright, kinda creepy. I'm not usually a horror game fan, but it looks really good graphic wise, esp w 4k. I admit it made me jump a few times.
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    Anyone here using the 3DS?
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    do u have pretendo?
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    whats ur code?
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    i dont have pretendo sorry
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    oh ok
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    well if ur console isnt modded i suggest u to mod it
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    also, just curius, does the freinds app still work after the shutdown?
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  • B @ btjunior:
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    but u cant play online games anymore :(
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    i miss going in other peoples town
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    i have a friend named Pineapple (@pineappleJuice hi). we played a lot the day b4 the server shutdown
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    I preten to know doe
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    @LNLenost how well is the pretendo servers, you ever get kicked off games when playing online?
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    @BigOnYa not always you get kicked. it happens rarely to me.
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    ofc they're not great, but props to them for making this
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    btw, I decided to make the nintendo support team going insane
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    i told them my badges disappeared after i opened the badge arcade after the shutdown, but actually they disappeared because i opened the badge arcade w/ pretendo
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    Hey, is there anybody who knows how to create wuhb-files? :) I would like to create forwarders for two Wii-channels: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wuhb-to-vwii-channel-request.657253/#post-10441514
  • BakerMan @ BakerMan:
    dracula has some sick bars ngl
    SylverReZ @ SylverReZ: https://youtu.be/XnZLsJuNCnM?feature=shared&t=9 +1