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    So I have a question. I'm trying to get the script for the new Ryuusei 2 games, so I de-packed one of the two (since writing it down via my real game takes forever) and I think I found where the text is held. I open it up with a hex editor, but the text is just garbled mess. Is there some Shift_JIS option or something? Or do I just need to read better? XD Oh, for this I am using Hex Workshop.
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    Aug 9, 2007
    The same thing happens to me I don't know what to do [​IMG]
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    you need to adapt the program for the japanese ideograms, use something like AppLocale to do it
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    Hex workshop does not play well with 16 bit fonts (it is unicode or nothing, 8 bit fonts can be custom however).

    Sorry to wimp out of a more complete explanation but can I point you towards and suggest you read up on tables and the like, couple this with the DS file system stuff which is fairly plentiful around here (ndstool, dslazy, ndsts, hdshv (hds header viewer, author is Vinpire) and treeki (author of a new app for this) or even: (page search for nitro rom file system).