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    Oct 11, 2007
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    Ok. I Removed my magic stick files to a different card (from 2 GB Sandisk to 4 GB Sony) and my Pandora doesn't boot!
    How to make a magic stick from 4 gb Sony card?
    Please help.
  2. delta123

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    Jul 18, 2005
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    i see your on a 3.71 m33 firmware so download this
    plus some eboots and follow the following instructions


    1. Switch on your psp.
    2. Make sure your psp is set to run the Sony NP9660 umd iso driver if you are running 3.52cfw or 3.71cfw
    3. Scroll to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
    4. Back up the entire contents of your memory stick to a safe folder on your computer (just to keep anything you may require later e.g. music etc).
    5. Disable the psp from the computer.
    6. Scroll to System Settings and press X, then scroll to Format Memory Stick and press X to format the stick.
    7. After the memory stick has been formatted scroll back to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
    8. Place all the downloaded and renamed eboots on to the root of your memory stick (this is just drag and drop). The root of the memory stick is the very first level that you see when connected to the computer
    9. Open up the ISO folder and copy to it the U.P.M.S cso file (this is just drag and drop).
    10. Disconnect from the computer.
    11. Scroll to the Game icon in the xmb and then scroll to the Memory Stick icon press X and press X to run the installer.
    12. Run step 1 choosing to load the multi ipl (this will allow the battery to be used as normal), when done go to the next step. If you already have a Pandora battery you can miss step 2.
    13. Run step 3 to install all the firmware that is required to make your U.P.M.S (this may take awhile but be patient) or if you wish you can run the full installer and miss step 4
    14. Run step 4 to install all of the application that you might require if in the previous step you choose to only load the U.P.M.S with out utilities.