GTACW on M3Lite

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Xcyper33, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Can anyone confirm whether this will work on slot 2 M3Lite series? It seems like i've tried everything but it won't get past a black screen. Shouldn't the game atleast get to the save option failure? I'm using firmware 35e and apparently this doesn't work with GTACW at all. If only I can get the game to go PAST the black screen to where the save option appears then I can do everything else by myself. Yes these ARM7/9 fixes came out but there is no point of using it if my cart won't let it get past the black screen. What are the settings for Game Manager? Do I have to revert back to a previous firmware to play this? Help me out please.


    OH CRAP I didn't know I spawned 3 topics of this! The forums were acting so slow mods please don't close this topic, that was purely accident. Close the other 2 though please.
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    come on Xcyper33, your total posts is 23 and you have already posted 20 posts about this..that's enough already! if someone has a solution for you then they'll post it..just sit and wait or go bug the m3team and ask them for a new firmware update for m3lite
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    Poor time you've been having buddy. I feel for you. GBalpha/M3/G6/etc hasn't been doing much for Slot-2 users in a long while. Their Chinese boards have many threads blasting/cursing/begging related to M3Lite/mini/SD/CF issues.

    Anyway, I used the v2 patch made for Cyclo/Edge (ARM9 only patch, not the v1 ARM7 & ARM9 patch for R4/M3Real/etc). Then in Game Manager 36a I used... no soft-reset; 4 x DMA (Fast Direct); Force R/W; no trim.

    Soft-reset may work... didn't try... don't like it personally. Trimming isn't needed as the patch auto-trims it. I played to the first save, and then restarted it. So far so good.

    Hope you get it to work on your M3Lite too.